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Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Vulcan
Played by: matt-templar

Physical Appearance

He is an average height for a Vulcan, though he has a commanding appearance from a solid frame. His blue eyes pierce like a hawk, despite the rest of his face having a typically deadpan expression.


Sitok finds satisfaction in his work as a Starfleet officer, despite the heavy loss of his family at the hands of the Borg. He is dutiful, thoughtful and tries to see things from multiple points of view.

Pre-Service Biography

Sitok was born in the Vulcan province of Raal, bordering the Voroth Sea. From an early age, he strived to earn the respect of his parents. His father was a key figure in the Vulcan political machine, eventually rising to sit on the Vulcan High Command. His mother was an accomplished musician. Growing up, Sitok learned to hone his skill with watercraft, going out onto the Voroth Sea whenever he wasn't studying. He quickly discovered that he had an aptitude for engineering concepts and machinery, as opposed to scientific endeavors as most of his peers had. To the consternation of his parents, Sitok chose to enter Starfleet upon completion of his schooling, despite his father wanting him to pursue a career in politics.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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