Argo Class Transport


The Argo is a specialized shuttlecraft developed by Starfleet for ferrying cargo and vehicles between orbit and planetary surfaces when conditions preclude the use of transporters.

The shuttlecraft entered active service in 2378 and is currently seeing limited deployment in a limited number of heavy cruisers and explorer type vessels. The design is fairly conventional for a Starfleet shuttle with technology taken from existing shuttles. However, there are some differences with the Argo Shuttle. The warp nacelles are more integrated with the body instead of extended from them (usually the norm for Federation shuttles.) This increases the protection on her nacelles. She also has folding winglets that helps the Argo during atmospheric flight. The big difference is the aft cargo dock that has room for the Argo, a ground based All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), An Anti-grav vehicle for movement of cargo across both land and water, and two smaller anti-grav vehicles for individual purposes.

Like any other shuttlecraft, the Argo has the standard warp propulsion system, impulse engines, shields, phaser emitters, and two micro torpedo launchers. Due to her size she is not as fast or as maneuverable as other shuttlecraft.


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