Crew: 4 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader)
Length: 8 meters, Gun Forward 9.75meters
Width: 3.6 meters
Height: 2.5 meters


Main Gun: Plasma/Particle Energy Cannon
Secondary Weapons: Phaser Repeaters (Port/Starboard) : 2 (fires 600 pulses/minute)
Anti-Air: Mk XII Surface-to-Air phaser striping


The Chieftain is the SFMC’s answer to a fundamental need for heavy support equipment on the surface of a planet. Particularly useful against other heavy equipment and in terrains/situations where orbital support is not an option. The Chieftain is primarily a Main Battle Tank but can operate in support of infantry personnel as needed.

Designed to withstand even the heaviest bombardment, the Chieftain is intended to be left in the field with the expectation that she won’t return to Camp until the mission is complete. She is furnished with replicators to support the internal crew, and enough munitions to last through most extended engagements. For those engagements that last longer, she is fitted with transporter amplifiers to aide with resupply from a support vessel.

The Ablative hull armor she is encased in protects her from most weapons fire, and heavy armor plating beneath serves as secondary protection. Within the protection of these sheets of armor, the Chieftain is also protected from EMP/Electronic Warfare rounds, sealing the crew inside a protective cocoon, thus rounding out her defensive capabilities.