Dynasty Class


Mission Modules:

Argo ATV Module: This module features a weapons locker, small replicator and the storage capacity for either of the ARGO variants.

Scientific Analysis Module: This module features a fully functional science lab and specimen isolation chambers, it is designed for short to medium term use.

Emergency Medical Care Module: This module is designed for short term emergency medical care for up to eight injured persons it comes equipped to deal with many injuries, whilst some severe and rare problems cannot be treated effectively most are able to be treated and at the very least nearly all patients can be effectively stabilized.

Long Term Living Module: This module provides a level of living capacity suitable for up to six persons, featuring three bunk beds and a small seating and living area, as well as a pair of food replicators. There are also three LCARS access terminals and a communications terminal.

Note: The Dynasty Class scout features modular rear compartment. With a number of different modules which can be added into the back to provide mission flexibility. Each includes a rear airlock and deployment ramp.


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