Species Physiology

El-Aurian’s are physically identical to Humans in structure and racial phenotypes. However, on average they often stand a couple centimeters shorter. They share similar genetic sequences as most humanoid species. Therefore, they can produce comparative hybrid offspring without complications.

A significant physical difference between Humans and El-Aurians is the latter’s extremely long lifespan that spans centuries. For example, a particular El-Aurian male was the father to an adult child who was 200 in the 19th Century and also in perfect health at 700 years old. Hybrid children are known to have similar longevity. Though in varying degrees.

El-Aurians are known as a race of ‘listeners’ as they are empathic and have limited forms of telepathy. Any children they have with other races carry these abilities. However, it is unknown how strong such abilities are until the child manifests them.

El-Aurians can partially change their appearance in order to seem physically older than they are. They also can change their hair and eye color.

Another inherited trait found in El-Aurians is that they can sense changes in the time continuum. This often is manifest in what they call the “Af-kelt” or Time Sickness in which an El-Aurian will experience nausea to certain degrees. It has been a joke among El-Aurians that the English term “off-kilter” originates from this sickness.


Key Facts

Facts Table
Home Planet:Unknown, Delta Quadrant
UFP Status:Stateless, Non-affiliated

Not much is known about the El-Aurian race outside of what was told by those of this species. As a race of listeners, they use their abilities to assist others as counselors and confidants, other times as con artists and tricksters.

After the Borg Assimilation of their planet, the El-Aurians have been a refugee and drifting race. Most settled in various parts of the galaxy, concentrating mostly within the Federation and outlying empires. They are highly adaptable and enjoy a variety of entertainment. They also believe that there is a greater connection between people when food and drink are involved.

Their cultural naming conventions consist of a first and last name, similar to most species. However, these names are often unpronounceable to most tongues. Therefore, most El-Aurians will use aliases for the ease of use.


Much of the history of the El-Aurian race was lost to time after the Borg Assimilation of their Homeworld somewhere along the border of the Beta and Delta Quadrants. Only the El-Aurians know the location of that planet. But some believe it is near the J-25 star system.

In the distant past, the El-Aurians and the Q-Continuum were engaged in a long Cold War that ended in a truce that was struck over a bottle of liquor. That moment in time was ‘captured’ within that bottle and any El-Aurian who possess it can summon a Q.

Around 2265, the Borg had assimilated the El-Aurian Homeworld. Millions were either killed or assimilated. Those who survived were the first species known to actually ‘resist’ the Borg but at a cost of the loss of their homes. They became refugees scattered about the known galaxy.

In 2293, 415 El-Aurian refugees were allowed passage to Earth and traveled on two cargo vessels; the SS Lakul and the SS Robert Fox. On their way to the Sol system, they were caught up in what is known as the Nexus, an energy ribbon of immense power that had the ability to send persons into an extra-dimensional Heaven-like reality. But sadly, this energy was extremely destructive as the Robert Fox and the Lakul were both destroyed. Only 47 survived. This was also known as the event where Captain James T. Kirk died.


Guinan – Bartender, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701 – D, E), owner of Ten Forward Bar, Los Angeles, Earth
Doctor Tolian Soran, PhD (Deceased)
Martus Mazar – Con Artist

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