Federation Government List

Star Trek

Executive Branch

Principal Offices of State and Government

President of the United Federation of Planets:

Relvsian sh’Zorhacs – Andorian

Vice-President of the United Federation of Planets:

Markus Pettersson – Human

Administrator of the Federation of Planets:

Morgtoa – Rigelian

Minister of State:

H’Loras – Vulcan

Minister of Defence:

Terrin Rorram – Trill, joined

Minister of Justice:

Layi Raaza – Betazoid

Minister of Education and Sciences:

Bonkerg Hanch – Tellarite

Cabinet of the United Federation of Planets:

Minister of Industry
James Mallory – Human

Minister of Environmental Protection and Regulation
Derra Vars – Bolian

Minister of Food and Agriculture
T’Kila – Vulcan

Minister of Galactic Infrastructure and Transportation
Farash Skehrind – Tellarite

Minister of Labour
K’sira – Vulcan

Minister of Culture and Sport
M’rawl – Caitian

Minister of Health and Sentient Services
Leizyl – Denobulan

Minister of Trade
Mavaylaxia Prija – Betazoid

Minister of External Development
Kelly Ernrite – Human

Minister of Terraforming and Colonization
Chwumeka – Saurian

Minister of Terrestrial Infrastructure and Transportation
M’tro – Caitian