This information is for Starbase Commanding Officers.

Based on Size of the Starbase, each Starbase class in use by Obsidian Fleet is provided with a total number of points to use on a list of ships that can be used for Garrison Vessels for the simulation. These Garrison Vessels are for usage by the crew of each sim to expand the horizons of their simulation and provide much needed mobility for some missions.

It must be kept in mind however that these Garrison Vessels are to supplement the story telling of each simulation as the Captain and crew see fit. They are not a replacement for your starbase. They are to provide more options to tell a better more expansive story depending on the mission type. Remember you are a Starbase Simulation, not a Starship simulation that also has a Starbase.

Starbase point allotment:

  • Stardock – 16
  • Colony – 12
  • Ithaca – 8
  • Regula – 5

A Captain can use either all of the points, half of the points or none of the points however they see fit.

Garrison Vessel list:

  • Merian Class – 7
  • Norway Class – 7
  • Defiant Class – 5
  • Sabre Class – 5
  • Nova Class – 5
  • Hornet Class – 2
  • Wallace Class – 1

For example, a Colony has 12 points as listed. The captain may choose at the inception of their simulation to only use 5 of those points and take a Nova to supplement the scientific exploration of their local system. Several missions later they begin to include more tactical minded missions for which a Defiant may be useful; they have 7 points remaining at this time, and can add a Defiant to go with their Nova. They now have 2 points left.

Alternatively, they could remove the Nova and add both a Defiant and a Norway. They now have no points left. As long as the garrison vessels attached to the starbase simulation do not exceed the point allotment, a Captain may choose any ships in however number they want.