Species Physiology

The Grazerite race consists of several interrelated subspecies, with some featuring appearances ranging from goat-like to gazelle-like to wildebeest-like. Grazerites are accustomed to primarily vegetarian diets, having evolved from herbivores. They typically have a deeply set brow and thicker skulls which support curving horns. Most have very short body hair (various ranges of tan, white, browns, and reds, and sometimes piebald) and thickly padded hands. Grazerites require substantially less sleep compared to humans.


On their homeworld, Grazerites congregate in upsols, which are units of between 100 to 500 individuals who live and work together, often these consist of extended families, but they do cross into mixed upsols as well. Grazerite naming conventions consist of a familiar name first, hyphenated with the name of the individual’s upsol. Childrearing is shared among the members of the upsol, although children do remain in the primary care of their own parents. Upon having their first child, grazerite parents gain voting rights and full citizenship, registered through their upsol. This is celebrated as the rites of “first-birth”.

While they have advanced in technology and are valued members of the United Federation of Planets and demonstrate good statesmanship as well as contribute as members of Starfleet, the arts produced from Grazer are not considered particularly challenging or valuable compared to other worlds. It is supposed that without conflict, the art became complacent. Going into the twenty-fifth century, there is a new burgeoning movement of grazerite art beginning to challenge the old complacency. 

Grazerite debate is not generally a contest of wills but tends to be well intentioned and moves towards gaining consensus, speaking in agreement with small additions to the given thought and tending to go around in turns, as happy to listen as to speak. On average, Grazerites seem careful and methodical and do not bore very easily, making them suited to deep thinking and tedious tasks. Optimism is a common trait among them, and they do not discourage easily, going from one hopeful ideal to the next.

A highly regarded Grazerite educational institution is the Outworld Cooperation Symposia, a system of universities which train scientists, astronauts, engineers, and diplomats.

One of the rites of Grazerite death sometimes observed is called Semtir, and is the final destruction of the remains of the dead before friends, after which memories are shared.


Brief Canon History

Grazerites hail from the Federation member planet of Grazer, which has been a UFP member world since the late 2300’s. The planet is largely peaceful and has historically been a world famed for agriculture. The technology of the world began with advancements in agriculture and presumably continued into other sciences including achieving space travel and warp technology. In their modern period, the world is incredibly peaceful.

Historically, the grazerites do have accounts of a violent period in the early development of their society. When Grazer had many predators and survival was challenged, they were a prey species in the ecosystem. But as they developed intelligence, the early grazerite societies hunted and cleared the predator species in self preservation. Once security was achieved, civilization blossomed and future generations disavowed violence.

In the 2370’s it was in fashion for Grazerites to demonstrate their commitment to peaceful principles by wearing a cloth covering over their horns. This was demonstrated by the Grazerite UFP President Jaresh-Inyo, who donned the horn covering while in office (from 2369-2373).

Key Facts

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Home Planet:Grazer
UFP Status:Member





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