The Modernization of the existing Valkyrie Fighter. Originally designed and deployed during the Dominion War the Valkyrie was based on an aerowing design for use in atmosphere when needed. Built within said swept wing design the Valkyrie hides a surprisingly robust shielding and tactical system along with new advances in warp core miniaturization and impulse technology. Thanks to these advancements in technology, the Valkyrie has shrunk substantially compared to its predecessor.

While much of the underlying technology is still the same in the old Valkyrie such as the emergency transport, escape pod etc. The weapons systems and shielding systems have seen significant upgrades. With underwing mounting systems, the Valkyrie can now additionally field 4 full sized Quantum Torpedoes or Photon Torpedoes.


Crew: 2
Length: 11m
Height: 3m
Width: 7m
Cruise: 4.5
Max. warp: 6
Emer. warp: 7 (for 1 hour)
Type U+ Micro-pulse: 4
Type V: 2 (dorsal, ventral)
Micro-torp launchers: 2
Micro-photons: 12
Micro-quantums: 6
Shielding: Fighter Shielding System