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Type VI Array

The second largest emitter used on small craft such as runabouts, the Type VI phaser array is undeniably more powerful than its more diminutive counterparts, with faster recharge rates, ranges and, of course, offensive capabilities, but lacks several of the advantageous maintenance and power factors found in its Type VII fellow. Most remarkably, the Type VI’s increase in power over its smaller counterparts is less than the equivalent difference between it and the Type VII, a characteristic explained by the (then) advanced techniques used in its construction and new methods of energy dissipation.

The Type VI is not as commonly found as any of its counterparts, primarily due to the detailed work required in constructing it and the real but admittedly barely significant advantage in tactical situations it provides over the Type V. It has, however, been found to be a suitable armament for the Hunley class shuttlecraft, its intricate composition easily adaptable to the shuttle’s underwater requirements.