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USS August

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The USS August is a diplomatic vessel in the northeastern part of Federation space, forging relationships and assisting other vessels with mostly the Romulans, as well as others. Join us as we carry out a variety of missions in this vast and diverse area of space and try to hold our own and assist where ever possible. It will be dangerous, but the rewards of service and honor will be great. Transfer today!

Sim TypeDiplomatic Explorer
ClassNova Refit
Task ForceTask Force 72
Commanding OfficerCaptain Ovik
WebsiteUSS August Site


The August is a diplomatic vessel dealing primarily with the Romulan Star Empire and its many enemies since the Hobus incident. However, she is not limited to just the RNZ or Klingon and other aggressors in that area. She will also venture to other places in the galaxy to deal with other foes and friends alike.

Currently, the August is at the northern edge of Romulan territory on a diplomatic run. She is slated to return to Starbase 39-Sierra when this is complete.


The August has had a long history with her namesake (and different timelines/shifts as well). The original USS August was an Ambassador class diplomatic explorer under the command of former-Captain Caymen Greener, but was salvaged prematurely given damage during a mission gone wrong. Then recently she was recommissioned as a Nova-refit (also known as Rhode Island) class under the command of Captain Ovik. She was not given the -A registry suffix.