Hiroshimaprefecture 2

Game Master: yearling
Star Trek – Prime Timeline
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Game Ratings

Language: Infrequent, mild swearing permitted
Sexual Content: Mild innuendo and references permitted
Violence: Violence is permitted with some limits

The Hiroshima is the third Obsidian Fleet ship of her name. A Vesta Class vessel, the distances she can travel are matched only by the dangers she faces in a galaxy even more hazardous than it at first appears. Threats lie without and within.

The Hiroshima has the distinction of being fleet’s longest running sim and home to a number of its longest RPed characters.

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Crew Manifest - USS Hiroshima

Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander
Chief of Operations
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Helm Officer
Lieutenant, junior grade

Game Updates

May 2023

In orbit over a dead world, the Hiroshima tries to learn what happened to the crew of the scuttled deep space surveyor Lorrenz.  But there are others with designs on the world, and when the Hiroshima’s away team is ambushed, they find it difficult to tell friend from foe.

August 2023

The away team rescued – not by the Hiroshima, but by a Romulan science team – they begin uncovering the planet’s mystery.


Checking In

After an attempt to rescue the besieged away team goes awry, leading to the injuring of several crew members, Lt. Xarbe is ordered to meet with Ens. Savren Cielj, the ship’s Counsellor, to help him deal with his mistake.



Capt. Yearling speaks with the leader of the Romulan science team. Expecting subterfuge, he’s instead met with a degree of honesty that allows both men to begin piecing the puzzle of the Lorrenz’s destruction together.


Another Look

Junior Operations personnel CPO Tabitha Levitson and Crewman Wilber are assigned a job by the Captain.