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Game Master: Ehestri
Star Trek
Game Type: 
Play-by-Web (Nova)

Game Ratings

Language: “Swearing and mature language permitted with some limits
Sexual Content: Sexual content is permitted with some limits
Violence: Violence is permitted with some limits

In a universe where nothing is set in stone, the ship is thrust far from home in a time where the Federation does not own half of a quadrant and technology is only just making space travel comfortable.

Decades away from Earth on a ship not meant to be a generational transport. How long do Starfleet ideals and morals hold out against hunger and survival? Join us we explore just how far a stranded crew will go to get home.

Crew Manifest - NX-O5 Atlantis

Executive Officer / Armoury Chief
Chief Medical Officer
Asst Chief Medical Officer

Game Updates

Nominations... Nominations... Nominations

MANISHIE/NISH KARALO – NX05 ATLANTIS  – Nominee Character of the Year

  • It takes a special kind of writer to jump at the chance to write two versions of the same character. It takes an even better writer to rise to the challenge and created interconnected but sufficiently independent interpretations that do both versions justice. I have enjoyed working with John on bringing this idea to life and can’t wait to see what he does with this pair in the future. Given the caliber of his portrayal, I’m sure it will be something worth reading.

WILLIAM GERHARD – NX05 – ATLANTIS – Nominee ASST GM of the year

  • Tristian stepped up midway through the year and whilst it has not been smooth sailing with extreme ups and downs he is something Atlantis can rely on both in character and out of character. He jumped in with both feet delving into John Smith and who he was, supporting the CO with planning and background running things, (even helping her break into her kitchen when the door lock mechanism broke. Thanks Tristian) and made great strides in helping to push storylines forward this year increasing how unique the ship is. He is truly someone who can be relied on and he needs to be recognised for that.
Award Catch Up

Site Awards

Sim: Executive Officer’s Personal Merit

Ensign Michael Sloan

Sean is always a joy to write with, and it has been interesting to watch Sloan develop from someone who is confused about his own place to becoming a respected member of the crew.

Sim: Crew’s Choice Award – Memory

Ensign Isaac ‘Zac’ Hughes

Serahni jumped in with both feet when joining our family, and it has been a joy writing with her. She has created two distinct characters, and I can’t wait to see how their stories unfold.

Sim: Ribbon of Merit

Involvement in the mess hall post to end John Smith.

Chief Petty Officer Manishie Karalo, Petty Officer, 1st Class Christian Tremblay, Lieutenant JG Calanthe ‘Cal’ Diaz

Sim: Creativity Award

Ensign Isaac ‘Zac’ Hughes

Serahni had created a long term plot that delves into two universes and her character that weaves John smith into the long term on her character and the choices that were made. It’s fascinating reading the stories and twists of what Smith did to the characters.


Sim: Non-Player Character Award

Chief Petty Officer Manishie Karalo

Manishie is a character who is going through a lot and has a lot going on going forward. She’s real as is her doubleganger from the other universe. The plot is well written and expansive with so much potential without skimping on character development.

Mission Achievements – Memory

False memory – Write a post where a false memory affects your character’s actions.

Leroux, Gerhard, Sloan, zh’Kenarh


John Smith – Write a post with John Smith.

Gerhard, Sloan, zh’Kenarh

Reality check – Write a post with Commander Benjamin Jameson.

Diaz, de Vos

Broken roads – Discovery of your character’s false memory and the fallout of it.

Gerhard, Leroux, Diaz

2023-03-29 00:00
New Mission

Mission 8 – Contagion

A year after getting lost in space, the crew of Atlantis receives a distress call from an alien research station. Upon arrival, they discover that a deadly virus has broken out, infecting both the station’s inhabitants and now their own crew. Time is of the essence as the virus threatens to spread and endanger the entire region. The crew must find a cure while dealing with the ethical dilemma of saving their own lives at the expense of potential alien lives.


New MACO has entered the game

Sergeant Eli McEntyre


Position: MACO

Rank: Sergeant