Obsidian Command

  • by
Andreas du Lac
Play by Web (Nova)

Obsidian Command is the headquarters starbase for the Ninth (Obsidian) Fleet. It's based in the Loki star system, orbiting Loki III, and is a hub of activity for all of the task forces that form this group. Led by station commander Commander Amaya Lance and the fleet's Joint Fleet Command, the base regularly hosts diplomatic conferences, scientific experiments and is the central focus of a huge range of missions.

Out of character, Obsidian Command stands for the values of Obsidian Fleet - friendship, fun, and quality writing within a supportive environment. We're looking for players who are interested in promoting and expanding those values to create a fantastic place where we can all enjoy writing in the Star Trek universe as friends. We will also help write some of the official history and lore of Obsidian Fleet. If you think that's you, submit an application today!

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