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Welcome to another edition of the OMA monthly report! Please bear with me here as I try a new report format that I found somewhere else which might be quicker, and easier to read!

As we always hope for, there was no need this month for any mediation of disputes by the OMAs office. I want to emphasize that because nothing was sent to us to meditate, doesn’t mean that members can’t reach out to us to help out. Myself and bagheera are here to help you guys as much as you need, and in fact, it doesn’t have to be to mediate disputes. We can also help clarify rules, give you advice on sim aspects, etc, etc. Pretty much any facet of Obsidian Fleet you would need help with and maybe just want a second opinion! We’re here to help. You can always find us on Discord or e-mail and we have an open door policy.

  • Currently, Admiral Sharr is temporarily overseeing OF Academy issues. We will be getting with him soon to work out how the OMA can help create courses there.
  • I’d like to set up an anonymous Google survey where people can make suggestions on what the OMA can do better to outreach to you, and where you’d like to see OMA helping out. More on that in my next report (maybe the survey itself?).
  • If we can find a suitable date and time, I’d like to set up OMA hosted “chat days” in Discord. While Discord is a pretty happening place, it seems like when we have specific events people really come around. I’d like to make that a more regular thing so that people stick around! It’s a lot of fun in there, we talk about all types of things, it’s a good place to decompress, and you get to interact with other OF members!
  • Finally, similar to the writing competition that was held leading up to Obsidian Day, I’m going to work with bagheera to put together some other events hosted by the OMAs office which would be a fun distraction. If the first one or two are successful, we’ll keep doing it. Right now what I have in mind will likely be some sort of brain teaser and/or puzzle type events.

Okay, so those are the main topics I wanted to cover. “Why the bold?” you may be asking yourself. I saw a report format a while back that seemed really efficient that I liked. Instead of being a 15 page harangue it was just a short introduction, and then a few bullet points, with the key concepts in each bullet point bolded so that anyone skimming because tl;dr would be like “Oh, that sounds cool! I shall read it!”

Hopefully, that goal was met, and you guys found something in there that interested you. Good things are always coming right around the corner. But with that, I leave you with a wonderful OMA-themed meme: