Office of Lore and Technology – April 2018

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Or Afternoon.

Or Evening.

I don’t know, we’re a diverse group I’m covering my bases.

Anyways, hello! This is my first official report and I must tell you I have nothing to tell you!

Well not nothing, since taking the job in the last month or so I’ve essentially been doing housekeeping and getting a basic handle on what I want to prioritize versus what I don’t in the coming few months. Thankfully the transition into the role was a relatively smooth one as I was already on both the tech and lore team for the fleet, so I didn’t have to catch up on much!

In short, my month has been, getting my new assistant director, finishing up the basic timeline and getting our list of executive branch and senior Starfleet brass characters made up. Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting the timeline to our lore group and start assigning teams to work on the backstories of our major players to coincide with said timeline.

As for our executive list, I put out a call for name suggestions for any Federation species to let you, the members of our fleet, contribute to the lore of the fleet. Thus far I’ve only gotten one email to [email protected] with a list of suggestions! Please people send me names with their associated species! I can’t promise to use them all but I’d like to let you contribute!

Other then that, my plans once we get the lore project going is to get our new auxiliary craft review done, and get some paperwork rubber stamped and finalized for the introduction of our new fighters and the upcoming runabout.

I’m not quite sure where to go from here, so I’ll wrap on up. If you have any ideas for the fleet, lore or tech wise, or questions, send me an email at [email protected] or poke me in the #treknology or #fleet-lore channels on Discord.

I’ll be seeing you next month!

Henry Markstrom