Joint Fleet Command Monthly Report – June 2018

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Hello, welcome to June’s JFC Monthly Report!

In this edition …

  • IFS2 Updates!
  • Obsidian Day!
  • Changes to the Fleet Council Structure

IFS2 Updates

After a few months break while I waited for Toolset to release the new toys, we’ve hit the ground running again with IFS2. We’re currently beta-testing the Sim Edit functions for CO’s. This’ll give CO’s in the Fleet the ability to link characters to their sim, create and edit mission summaries, link their monthly reports, manage their Open Position Listings, and so on. We’ve got the character link, mission summaries, monthly reports working. We’ve also been able to switch the TF listings over from the existing Tablepress system we used to new IFS2 generated listings – so your TFCO’s edit their stuff in the backend of IFS2 and it automatically updates their TG’s, ships, CO’s etc. Each banner and title links to your sim page, and there’s also a link to your website on there too.

The next two big jobs for IFS2 are OPL and Awards. OPL’s going to be a bit different from the previous incarnation, putting a lot more control in your hands, so it’ll allow a lot more flexibility going forward. Awards is going to be a bit further down the line, we’re going to have to rebuild that process from the ground up to support the Sim Level/TF Level awards structure.

Obsidian Day

Our 17th anniversary is 2 weeks tomorrow on July 29th! We’re just putting the finishing touches to the schedule of events and we’ll have a news post coming out about that soon. You can see the most up-to-date schedule and times at

Changes to the Fleet Council Structure

After some discussion in the Joint Fleet Command we’re making a slight change to our existing structure. During the restructure last year, we merged the Office of Public Affairs and Fleet Services into a single unified division. Given the rollout of IFS2 and the Community Engagement Team, the Joint Fleet Command are splitting this post back into two posts. These are:

  • Director of Fleet Services
  • Director of Communications

We’ll be advertising these two posts shortly.

Short and sweet this month. But in honour of the absolutely sweltering weather in most of the US and Europe, we can’t leave without a summertime tune.

See you next month!