USS Valkyrie Rescues Interdimensional Refugee

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The USS Valkyrie has successfully made first contact with an unusual spaceborne alien from another Universe.


The creature, known as Nomad, emerged from a rift in the vicinity of the USS Tower Bridge, and unleashed an energy pulse which disabled the Akira Class starship. It then took flight towards a nearby asteroid field. After recieving a distress call, Valkyrie was able to provide aid to the Tower Bridge and find a way to track the creature.


Upon reaching the asteroid field, the Valkyrie was attacked by an older Klingon ship which had been stolen and repurposed by Rezzik, a wanted war criminal from the Dominion war. The ship’s both went into the asteroid field after the alien. Valkyrie was able to make contact first and establish a dialogue, discovering that Nomad was trying to escape hostile forces from it’s home universe.


Both Valkyrie and Nomad came under attack from Rezzik. Valkyrie was heavily damaged, but Nomad elected to intercede and disabled Rezzik’s ship. The hostile crew were detained and repairs started. Nomad requested asylum, which Captain Kurtz was all to happy to agree to. A specialist team is to be despatched to further assist Nomad.