Academy Report – October 2018

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Happy fall for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere and happy spring for those in the Southern Hemisphere. The end of year holidays are upon us, those of us in the United States are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. That will be quickly followed by the December holidays and the New Year. It seems to me that 2018 is just flying by. That might be because of how busy it has been over here at the Academy.

In this report I am going to break the information down into three categories. First we will talk about the Courses and how they are progressing. Next will be Candidates currently in the Academy, and finally Academy staffing needs.

And so, without further gilding the lily, and with no more ado let’s get to it.

Course Rewrites

Commanding Officer Academy – Nothing new to report here except. EXPECT BIG NEWS COMING FORTHWITH.

Cadet Academy – Commodore Kayim has done a fantastic job with the redesign of this course. I would like to extend a huge thank you to him. The materials that he has designed have been sent to the Fleet Council for review. This is the next step toward getting this course live. If all goes well the Academy could be offering this course by February. Expect more news on this in the coming month

Specialist Courses – The staff at the Academy has started to work diligently researching what is going to be needed for their respective courses. However, it is a long process to get them all redesigned and ready for use. Expect to see the first batch of Specialist Courses roll out from the Academy by the middle of 2019. You will be kept informed of the development as it goes.

When it comes to the Specialist Courses we at the Academy would love to hear any and all suggestions you may have for what would make those courses interesting and a useful tool. You can email your suggestions to [email protected]. Please make sure to place the course type and suggestion in the subject box. (Engineering Course Suggestion for example)


First I would like to congratulate Ajani Jane Carter the Commanding Officer of Starbase 80 in Task Force 47 on their completion of COAL. Congratulations we expect some big things out of the Starbase.

Currently enrolled at the Academy is Ira Skovgaard the Commanding Officer of Deep Space 7 also in Task Force 47. Their work has been exemplary thus far, keep it up. They also have the distinction of being the last Commanding Officer to take COAL. All CO applications are on hold until the new Commanding Officer’s Academy rolls out.

OF Academy Staffing

I am happy to announce that we have gained another member to the faculty here. Ambassador Oriath Velt joins us as they begin the design of a Diplomat Specialist Course.

This leaves two remaining positions open at the Academy.

  • Operations Specialist Course Tutor
  • Science Specialist Course Tutor

If you are interested in filling either of these posts please fill out the application under the apply tab.

That’s All She Wrote Folks!

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. As we begin the season of giving thanks for all that we have and the people in our lives. I would like to say thank you to all of you for making Obsidian Fleet a community and a great place to sim. Most of all thanks for your friendship.

Until next month everyone…

Steady As She Goes