Academy Report – February 2019

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Wow! It is March already and spring will be here at the end of the month. I guess time really does fly. Time rolls along here at the Academy and the restructure continues. As always I appreciate you all bearing with us as we work through this arduous process. I do not wish to take up too much of your time so I will get right to it.

Course Rewrites

The Command Academy is available on IFS for your learning pleasure. In fact we have our first student working their way through the new COA as we speak. They are one lesson away from completion and is doing great in the course. As was stated in the previous report from the Academy we would like to invite all current Commanding Officers to take the new COA. Feedback on how to develop it more is greatly and always appreciated.

I am also very proud to report that the Cadet Academy is now also live on IFS. So if you are new to the fleet and would like to learn the basics, or if you have been here for a while and feel you need a brush up, sign up and take the course. The Cadet Academy is broken up into three Modules, with each module consisting of lessons. The first module consists of four lessons and covers general information about Obsidian Fleet. The second module is a character creation guide and consists of five lessons, with the final module covering writing great posts in six lessons.

Up next in the journey of rewriting the Academy curriculum is the Executive Officer’s Academy. This rewrite is in phase one and if all goes well will be available for you to see by summer.


As stated above the Academy currently has one candidate working their way through the Command Academy. If they continue on the track that they are working they should graduate within the month.

That’s All She Wrote Folks!

As spring begins here in New York I would like to wish all of all the best as we emerge from the winter doldrums.

Until next month everyone…

Steady As She Goes

Travani Dal 
Academy Director
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