Task Force 72 Monthly Report -April 2019

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I think it’s safe to say that April was a month of big changes for Task Force 72.  As most of you know, Jake stepped down from the position of Task Force Commanding Officer and I was promoted to take his place.  But, I am not sure that is a fair assessment. Jake was an amazing TFCO and taking his place isn’t possible. I think a more accurate term would be to continue on with his goals of openness, communication, and cooperation; building a great team!  So who am I? Most of you know me as Jakers in Fleet Chat, Jakers#50870. I have been a member of Obsidian Fleet since 2004, so a really long time. I am honored to be taking the reigns of this amazing Team and excited that I get to continue to work with each and every one of you.


Before I get too far in this report, I would like to thank Jake for his time and service to the Fleet.  He was a great leader and mentor; he will be missed. Secondly look out Lancaster, because if I planned this right I am going to get this report in before you.  As this is my first report, I will try to keep it brief and to the point. As my Counterpart is fond of saying, you’re only here to read the opening joke and view the open commands. So here we go…


Task Force Stats

With the changing of the guard here we did lose one simm, the USS Endeavor, and there were no simms added this month.   I will be working with the Task Force Team on some strategies to bring players into the fold; recruitment! So make sure each of you have you fleet pages updated along with your open positions.


Total Sims: 16

Ships with CO’s: 12

Active Ships: 13

Ships with Pending CO’s: 1

Open Commands: 4


I would also like to give a hearty congrats to the following Commanders on their promotions to the rank of Captain:


USS Majestic – Jane Alta Saulitis

Haumea Colony – Luka Mahone


Congrats to both of these hard working Captains.  You both have done a fantastic job and are a valued part of our community.


Task Force “Wargames”

The Command Staff is still committed to continuing on with this project.  We feel it is a great tool to bring together our team and have some fun in the process.  The overall plot will need some tweaking and adjustments but it is still a go. I know that a there was a large Team Joint Post held over google docs recently and there will be many more to come.  Keep an eye out in the 72-CO chat for more details as they become available. I know we are looking for a few good battle-minded Commanding Officers to help with some of the more “space battle themed concepts”.   If you are interested in helping out drop me a line.


Open Commands

    Task Group A – NONE

    Task Group B – Triton Seabase, USS Athena

    Task Group C – USS Tesla, USS Endeavor


If you are interested in one of our open commands or have ideas about a possible command please don’t hesitate to talk to myself or any member of the Task Force Command Staff.


Unit of Merit

This month we have no Unit Of Merit award to hand out.   I would like to thank all our Commanding Officers, players, and members who continue to make Obsidian Fleet a great community.   


In Closing

Well if you made it this far, thanks!   I am sure as we progress each report will get better and better.   A big thank you to every member of the Task Force, for all you do to help make Team72 and Obsidian Fleet a great place.   We have a strong community and with your help it will continue to be a great place for many more years to come. And with that.. Jakers .. out!