Task Force 29 Presents A Unique Sim

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It is with great pride that Task Force 29 welcomes another sim to our ranks. Task Group 29-B welcomes Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. This unique sim takes place in San Francisco on Earth during the Prime Timeline. The Academy will be running in congruency with the fleet timeline. There may be some opportunity to have your characters on other Sims come for a visit.

In this sim, you will be afforded the opportunity to create your own story as you progress from a First Year Cadet all the way to Ensign. Fourth year Cadets will be sent on Cadet Cruises. This is something that has rarely been seen in Obsidian Fleet and is highly specialized. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy will afford an immense amount of character development.

I would like to point out that this sim is independent of the Obsidian Fleet Academy. This sim has no effect on anything that you will do within the OF Academy.

Therefore, if you ever wondered what life would have been like before the heroes of the galaxy became heroes then this sim is for you.

For more information contact Captain Sorcha O’Neill and register for your course load. Starfleet needs a few good officers like you.


Your Starfleet Career Awaits!


May Janeway watch over us and protect us all…

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