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Rank: Ensign

Position: Chief of Flight Control – USS Elysium

Gender: Female

Race ½ Boslic ½ Human

Age: 21

Character Quote: Shiver Me timbers! Rum and booty!

Anyone looking at Miraj Derani, tends to think the word “bouncy”.  She’d much rather it was willowy, but she’s on the well-endowed side.  Her Boslic heritage gives her candy pink hair that she wears in bunches, and her orbital arches are much less, and the trident crease in the forehead of a full boslic is much shallower.  Off duty she has what can only be described as an appalling dress sense, She tends to favour clothes that make her look a lot longer than her already young 21 years, and she favours bright, frequently clashing colours. When not in uniform she also prefers to have bare feet, to better feel the ship.  She has a tattoo of a skull and crossbones on her left shoulder.

Miraj is pretty much a puppy in human/boslic form, she’s enthusiastic and positive and perky.  She doesn’t just love to fly, it comes to her more naturally than breathing. She didn’t just have the highest flying scores of her intake at the Academy but some of the highest scores in its history. Anything to do with flying came easily, instinctively, as if it was baked into her DNA.

But she’s got some funny ideas about flying, believing a ship and its pilot should be one.  She likes to commune with her ships, getting into the crawl spaces and places where she should not go, such as nacelles and Jeffries tubes, to feel the ‘vibes’ of the ship.  She much prefers to be in the ship’s ‘personal spaces’ rather than the cabins and other spaces meant for people. And she believes that ships talk to her, that they tell her if they are sick or uncomfortable.  It makes her come across as a little eccentric Describing her as a ‘space cadet’ isn’t too far from the truth.

Nothing else came so easily, so she also developed a very determined streak, if she needed to get something done, she just kept at it, believing hard work and practice could get her over whatever obstacles her lack of talent presented. She’s also quite conscious of her lack of experience of absolutely everything that isn’t about flying and tends to defer to anyone on anything else.

On the USS Elysium, Miraj fits in well with our wonderfully wacky crew and the Ship’s AI just thinks she is cool and if we let her, she would have the QSD activated the whole time or the ship would be doing barrel rolls through the sol system for fun.

That said, when it comes to the Elysium Miraj is just as protective of it as its captain. Something the captain appreciates. She knows, that despite Miraj’s desire to push limits, she will not put the ship into danger… much.  Though she has only been on the ship a short time, Miraj has become one of the family, and the crew of the USS Elysium would be less without her.

OOC wise the player of Miraj puts comedy into their work and the player has been the recipient of the DeForest Kelley Humor award as well the Meritorious Newcomer Award and many others over the 6 months this wonderful character has been in our family. Miraj! Here is to many more months and years of your wonderful bouncy self!