Nomination November

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Nominations are now open for 2020’s Commanding Officer, Executive Officer and Character of the year which celebrates the hard work of individuals not just on your own sims but fleet-wide.

You can vote here for all awards. 

You have the whole of November to nominate individuals for the three awards to allow for voting fleet-wide from Sunday 6th December for 7 days. .

To give your nominee the best chance we’ve put together some quick tips on how to write your awards nomination in order to give your nominee the best chance:

  • Don’t be ‘boring’ – we would prefer to read about the specific differences a Commanding Officer, Executive Officer or a Character has made to the ship, fleet or plot rather than generic phrases such as ‘they’re a really nice person’ ‘behind every great Co there is a greater XO’ or ‘they’ve made a difference’. How have they made a difference? How have they excelled the plot? How are they unique?
  • Maximum of 150 words. The word limit is there to ensure every one of these receives consideration.
  • Use plain English when writing your nomination.
  • While there is no restriction on the number of nominations, please don’t just copy-and-paste nominations. Duplicates will be removed. If two or more people have done something similar, rather than submitting identical nominations for them you could think carefully about which specific aspects they have outshined in.
  • And finally, make sure you proofread the final version of the nomination as they will be shown to the wider fleet to allow people to vote.

Good luck to everyone