Tabletop Report: A World with a Bluer Sun pt1

Written Bydulac
Published On

Saturday 20 March 2021 – 1800hrs ~ 2100hrs GMT

Commander Kenneth Mikhael – Executive Officer

Lieutenant Commander Ezekiel “Zeke” Pride – Flight Controller

Lieutenant Akar Shran – Chief of Security

Lieutenant Elli-Navine – Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Alexander Artopolis – Chief Medical Officer

Today saw the USS Potemkin had set off from Starbase 4 on their patrol tour of the Federation, before reaching towards the delta quadrant. Just four weeks into their mission they received a distress signal on an old subspace band using 244-year-old coding. Upon returning to normal space the intrepid crew find themselves confronted by a massive wormhole with a very unusual gravity field. Deciding that solving the mystery was worth the risk an away team take a type 11 down to the equally strange M-Class planet.

From orbit Commander Kenneth Mikhael and his crew detect a kilometre long six-year-old debris field of a Romulan ship centuries old, close by sits a damaged pre-federation shuttlepod. A ship that read as just a few years old and yet was so far out of time. An away team would beam down and investigate, the strangeness of situation piping their interests even further.

Vulcanic dust made the descent through the thick atmosphere dicey, but the best pilot in the fleet, Lieutenant Commander Ezekiel “Zeke” Pride made it look like a gentle walk in the park. Expertly bringing the big shuttle around in an ever shrinking spiral and touching down gently next to the aging NX era shuttlepod.

Chief Medical Officer Alexander Artopolis braving stepped out of the ‘Ikoria’ on to the desolate world to begin his scans. He found the only other life form on the planet aside the away team, a human they would come to know as Lieutenant Kearney, an officer aboard the NX-05, the Earthship Atlantis. The Brave young doctor quickly deduced that Kearney was suffering from prolonged exposure to a natural drug and using the impressive technology at hand he was able to identify and sample the source of the drug, a small nearby river.

Meanwhile, in high orbit the aboard the old excelsior class Potemkin, alarms sounded from every station on the bridge, the wormhole had doubled in size, as did the gravity field. Even the powerful and advanced Impulse engines were not enough to stop the vessel from being pulled from orbit and towards the wormhole. In that moment, a ship was detected, even older than the Potemkin. Commander Mikhael ordered the return of the away team, bringing the now sedated Lieutenant Kearney with them.

The crew quickly discover that the detected vessel is the Earth Ship Atlantic, NX-05. A ship listed as missing in action, presumed destroyed during the Romulan War. The wormhole doubles in size again, and again. With little choice it was decided a slingshot manoeuvre would be the best means to capture the Atlantis with modified tractor beams. The preparations made and the course laid. The button was pushed. Nothing goes to plan though, and the main computer aborted the attempt as at that very moment the Wormhole increased in size again, they would have been as stuck as the Atlantis.

The Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Elli-Navine showed just how easy it was to break through mid-22nd century encryption and linked the Potemkin and the Atlanis’ transporters. It did not take long for them to beam aboard and find trouble. True to their training and ideals Commander Mikhael choice diplomacy over weapons fire, making contact with Commander Caitlin Mallory. A strong officer who was more than a little cagey our intrepid crew did learn that there was an alien disguised as a human and according to Commander Mallory, said alien was responsible for their current situation. Commander Mikhael’s empathic gifts they were able to identify who the alien was.