Task Force 47 Report – February 2021

Written Bydulac
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You thought you’d got away from me, didn’t you? You thought I didn’t have something up my sleeve! Well, guess who?!

Okay, slightly menacing joke aside, let’s start with some numbers.


•Number of Active Sims: 7
•Number of Sims in Shakedown: 0
•Number of Players*: 65
•Number of Posts: 222.43
•Number of Posts Per Player*: 3.42
•Open Commands: 9

Okay, so for starters, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that the CO of the Archimedes has stepped down. This is due to RL issues and couldn’t be avoided. We wish him the best of luck in the future. However, now that we’ve gone over the bad news, let’s take a look at the good.

As the metrics show, our posting for February was down by 18.08 posts. However, our numbers are also down by 7 players. When the average is calculated, it actually shows an average gain in posting of 0.09 posts per players. Not a lot, but as my old Manager at work used to say, it’s all about those marginal gains, so well done!

Of course, anyone interested in applying for any of the open commands should contact either myself or the TFXO, either via discord, or by emailing us at [email protected] and [email protected] respectively. Additionally, any issues should be sent to the same people in the same manner. I would request that if you are contacting us via email with an issue, you include the sim name in the subject line. This is for ease of reference when we need to check things.


Okay, short and sweet. I have no UoM nominations this month. However, once again I will re-iterate my congratulations to the TF as a whole on making those marginal gains. I hope to see more of the same going forward. Well done everyone!


And with that, this month’s report comes to a close. I know it’s been a bit shorter than normal, and much later than normal, that one is on me and I apologise. As always, any issues, contact myself or Lalor, details are above, and as for our open positions I asked all CO’s to include the ones they want filling in their reports. Previously I’ve gone through and got them all myself, hence the massive list. However, I know that can be a slog to get through, so here is the list of Sims with open positions actively being recruited for:

USS Apollo
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Operations Officer

USS Elysium
Chief Diplomatic Officer

Starbase 718
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Counselor
Marine CO

USS Tranquility
Chief Security and Tactical Officer

With that said and done, I wish you all the best for the remainder of the first quarter of 2021, and as ever, may Riker’s Beard shine upon you all.