Task Force 72 | March 21 Report.

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Oh my, it’s been a busy start to my month, and I am almost late in this report… 

March was a month of renewal for many of the sims in terms of posting, and while some sims posted less this month than in previous, overall the Task Force saw growth. I have been poking about, and from what I can tell, this seems to be a trend that is continuing for April. With us heading into spring, we seem to have all found our writing energy again, which is exciting to see.

The Fleet recently completed some passes on new ship classes, so we will be looking into the option of circling some new blood into the Task Force in the months to come, I am to keep you all up to date on that as it happens. 

Arrivals and Departures

March saw the unfortunate removal of the USS Tesla. 


Our current numbers: 

Active Sims: 7

Open Commands: 2

RIO: 0

Total Posts (SPM): 111.1

Average Posts per Player: 2.14

72nd Recruiting Listing

U.S.S. Athena

(Prometheus Class)

  • Chief of Security
  • Chief Medical Officer

Haumea Colony

(Colony Class Base)

  • Chief Security Officer 
  • Chief Medical Officer 
  • Chief Operations Officer 
  • Chief Tactical Officer 
  • Chief of Flight Operations

U.S.S. Mercutio

(Akira Class)

  • Chief Engineer Officer
  • Chief of Operations
  • Chief Helms Officer
  • Assistant Department Heads

U.S.S. Nightingale

(Olympic Class)

–          Not Currently Recruiting

 U.S.S. Eagle

(Saber Class)

  • Not Currently Recruiting

U.S.S. Vesta

(Vesta Class)

  • Not Currently Recruiting

U.S.S. Arcadia

(Odyssey class)

  • Chief Engineer Officer

Aegeon Seabase

(Lowell Class Research Base)

  • Commanding Officer

USS Majestic

(Majestic Class)

  • Commanding Officer

U.S.S. Tesla

(Merian Class)

  • Commanding Officer


If you are considering a command, and are interested in a different ship, let us know! We’ll see what we can arrange./


None for March

Unit of Merit

I don’t think there has been a month where I have been as tempted to toss a coin and let fate decide a Unit of Merit. I had two sims that showed extremely strong when it came to growth and quality of writing, as well as just general showings around the Fleet. In the end though, Hawkins, ever my voice of reason, told me that we did have to eventually pick one, and we crawled over metrics to see. 

This month, the Unit of Merit is going to Captain Luka Mahone, and the crew of the Haumea colony. With a fantastic month of growth and story telling, and I am proud to see what the Captain has managed to rally the crew to write. Further, their ongoing mission is a fresh take on a lost group, with civilians, mostly children, lost in a mysterious set of caves. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it. Please join me in congratulating Haumea. 


There is an additional note I wanted to make, because I would be remiss not to acknowledge the amazing work the Task Force as a whole made this month. Overall, we were positive on the number of posts per player we saw, which shows that people are becoming more engaged in their writing. Or perhaps, just writing longer posts. I did have another sim I wanted to spotlight. 

Nightingale month over month has seen tremendous growth and development, and has seen great growth in the way they have been moving forward. With the second highest month-over-month growth in posting numbers, and the same wonderful stories that I have been seeing for years from them, I was beyond excited to see them bounce back after a rougher February. I think they are also due for a round of applause. 

There are some many great stories this last month I wish I could share, but I am trying not to have these reports be too long. So with that said, I’ll wrap this up here. 

Should you have questions or concerns, you may reach me via email at [email protected], or should you need Captain Hawkins, he can be reached via [email protected]. Thank you all, and safe simming.