Lore and Technology Report, Dec. 2021

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Wow, is it the end of the year already? So much has happened this year, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year. First, Picard forced a speed rewrite our Romulan lore. Then we got more new content: new episodes of Discovery and a new series, Lower Decks, which pushed the California Class (already 90% complete thanks to Minawara|TF72CO) across the finish line, providing a new ship class early in the year.

We presented Creating a Community Lore Sandbox at Khitomer Conference 2021. In honor of First Contact Day, we added updated lore for Vulcans to the OF database. At Obsidian Day (July 24, 2021) we unveiled two new ship classes, Inquiry Class Heavy Cruiser and Curiosity Class Light Cruiser, and (thanks largely to Lalor) an entry for United Federation of Planets – Government. (Btw, reminder that the plot/subplot option for UFP elections is open and can be used just for your simm or you can develop political characters for wider use – just let us know on the latter). In October, we got yet more new Star Trek content with second season of Lower Decks and the start of Prodigy. There will undoubtedly be some lore bits from these, including shiny new ship classes: Parliament and Obena (no, Protostar is not on the list as the show wiki hints that it is an experimental vessel, that disappeared into the Delta Quadrant, so presently there is every reason to believe that the project was abandoned). BUT Prodigy also introduced a bit of tech we will be adopting shortly: the vehicle replicator, allowing for emergency replication of shuttlecraft (Note: at a substantial energy cost).

Last but not least, after a lot of work, Nikki made the OF database much more accessible with alphabetically listed articles only a click away.

We can look forward to even more new Trek in 2022, and with it more Lore & Tech. Until then,

- Cam, Dark Mistress of Lore & Tech