USS Yorktown Presumed Lost

ASHALLA, BAJOR (FNS) – It has been hours since the USS Yorktown was ordered to intercept raiders en route to the Badlands.  Sensors last picked up the Excelsior entering the Badlands just before an unusually large plasma eruption was detected.  There has been no sign of the vessel or the raider ships leaving the Badlands, […]

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Task Force 72 – April 2018 Report

Once more my colleague at 47 beat me to the punch this month, but I’ll echo his sentiments for April: What a whirlwind.  We have new members of the command team, simulation changes, privacy policy changes on the horizon, and awards to distribute.  With that preamble out of the way, let’s get to the report! […]

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USS Vesta Returns

A report from the Federation News Service. Report from Sol System   THE USS VESTA RETURNS!   Following the 2392 Antarian Trans-Stellar Relay, the USS Vesta was completing her final negotiations and relays of information regarding the race to Starfleet. The Malon that had been apprehended had been turned over to authorities in the region […]

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TF 72 Supplemental Report – Staff Changes and Promotions

Greetings!  I hope everyone is enjoying the month of April.  I have some exciting news to announce today for Task Force 72.  We have two new staff appointments for this month.  First, Commodore Harrington of the USS Nogura will be assuming the role of Task Force Executive Officer!  The Nogura will shift into the TF […]

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Task Force 72 – March 2018 Report

March was another quick month for the Task Force.  Our players brought their A-Game this month.  We have awards, promotions, new sims, and, as our colleagues at 47 provide, an open positions list for our simulations.  Overall, March was an excellent month for 72, and I look forward to seeing what April provides. Changes and […]

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Task Force 72 – February 2018 Report

February came and went in a flash, but it left us plenty of news and events to cover. We have sims in training, a few reboots, and awards season. Changes and Additions This month saw no new simulations added or older simulations brought to a close. We have two simulations undergoing reboots and another undergoing […]

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Task Force 72 – January Report

It goes without saying that January has been a surprisingly busy month for Task Force 72, yet despite the challenges the Task Force preformed extremely well.  As usual the leadership team and the simulation leaders maintained excellent communication at all levels through Discord and traditional mediums.  Through it all we’ve had several personnel changes, new […]

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Task Force 72 – December Report

I’ll start my report this month by saying it’s been another great month of communication and engagement by the CO’s and Players of TF72. I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone really getting involved. I encourage you all to make sure everyone in your crew is not only joining in on Discord, but actively participating. This Task Force […]

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Task Force 72 – November Report

What a great month for the community of Task Force 72. I’m really glad to see everyone stepping up and participating actively in the Discord chats. As I said last month, if there’s anyone that hasn’t come over yet that you’re aware of, reach out to them and let them know that we’re here and […]

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October 2017 Unit of Merit Award Winners

There are four great Unit of Merit award winners from our most recent TF47 and TF72 reports. Let’s give them all a big pat on the back for doing so well!   “I and the crew are beyond words in receiving this award. While I may be the CO of the sim, I can not […]

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