Esquimalt Shifted!


An awry scientific experiment at Esquimalt and Deep Space 3 has swapped their locations!

The times have been rough for the Esquimalt Station. Originally built just prior to the Dominion War as a resupply and listening post, the station had been heavily damaged and left abandoned in the wake of the Dominion War, when Dominion forces ravaged the station. With the Starbase 50 having been closed, and later switched to reserve operations following incidents surrounding it’s Commanding Officer and former Task Force Commanding Officer, RADM Harrington, a new base was needed for Task Force 72. The newly refurbished and repaired Esquimalt Station – named for the Western most military port in the former Earth nation of Canada – had been selected to fill that gap.

Recently it’s scientific teams had been focused on working on a form of subspace transport that would have allowed for fast supply chain lines. The technique, known as Long Range Quantum Entangled Transport would have allowed for the movement of small amounts of stable goods over great distances, in a similar effect to the modern day transporter. The effect was predicated on the same fundamental technology as the Quantum Slipstream Drive, as first discovered by the crew of the famed USS Voyager. If it had worked, the system would have created a small, short lifespan, microsingularity to boost the effects of a transporter to an specified location. These systems, when used in conjunction with one another paired singularity would have allowed for the movement of basic supplies over vast distances without the need for a starship.

Disaster struck, at 1436 Deep Space 3 Station Time, as their singularity became instable due to yet undefined disturbances in the local space around the station. In an effort to stabilize the effect, the USS Jakarta attempted to use it’s shuttles to create a joint, stabilized subspace field. The effect created what Federation scientists are describing as a instantaneous wormhole between the two matched singularities, and swapped their locations. This effect not only displaced the singularities, but also the stations physically attached to them. While neither station is damaged (miraculously) the issue of their location has come into question.

When prompted for response about the situation, Task Force Commanding Officer, RADM Minawara, had the following to say.

We are proud to say that, at this time, there are no reported injuries or damages reported alongside the situation that occurred. It is believe that any effort to move both stations would be a massive waste of Federation resources, so they will be left in their current location. Task Force 72 will adjust their area of operations accordingly, and is working with Task Force 13 to help reestablish supply lines to DS3.

Admiral Minawara is an expert in the area of Quantum Slipstream – and no stranger to the odd effects of it’s use – and was prompted for further understanding of the phenomenon that had occurred. “The wonderful thing about our universe is that there is still a great deal of unknown out there, mysteries that we as a civilization have yet to understand. We know that the event was controlled to the best of our abilities, but it likely not replicable. I am sure our friends across various scientific institutes will study it with great feavour, I will direct you to them for further questions.”

When prompted for their theory, the Vulcan Science Institute simply replied “No Comment.”

For now everyone seems safe, and operations are continuing as normal.