Chapter 1 - Water World Personal Log

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Chief Engineer’s personal log.

I have returned from the water world feeling rested and more like my old self. Our encounter with the Giants Of Clarr (Computer, capitalize the last three words) left me in quite a state. I’m still trying to piece together the rest of that day, with the help of Doc and the Millipede. I still have only fragments of memories, but it seems that I was a bit out of control.

They say I fought with Z, uh, Commander Liski, but I only have a flash of her face with a fearful expression. Maybe it was that thing that humans do when they convert fear into anger, especially once the situation has resolved itself without their fears being realized. The commander has changed in the years we’ve been apart. Back when we were on Deep Space 10, she might have been concerned but not afraid. I’m not sure what that means.

But since the Day of the Giants (more capital letters, Computer!) I’ve tried to keep from ruffling Z’s feathers. It’s been a challenge. Take this trip to the water world. Z stumbled in the sand and grabbed onto Lt Nuhl’s arm. It was all I could do to keep myself from dropping what I was doing and intervene. It was the strongest reaction of my bond with her since we’ve been on the Merc together. I didn’t think it could still affect me so much. Maybe I’ll discuss it at my next session with the Millipede.

Mmm…what else…oh, yes…

The water down there was interesting. So full of dissolved minerals. I got permission from the captain to beam up several hundred liters of sterilized water. There’s enough cortenum in it to manufacture all the warp coils for my NX-class refit model, if only I can find enough verterium.

Well, I guess that’s- yes, Thunder, I can see that dish is empty- K’Naut out.