Chapter 1 - Relocation

Statzia shoved her hands into the pockets of her gym shorts as she stepped off of the turbolift. The counselor wouldn’t tell her why she needed to be in this area of the ship, or why she was insisting on meeting so late in the evening–not that sleep would come easily to Statzia anyways. So, she’d strapped back on her prosthetic for the trip a few decks down the turbolift and made her way to the designated crew quarters.


Mille turned, hearing the soft click of Statzia’s prosthetic as she traveled down the hall. She had been leaning against the open doorway to one of the crew quarters. Theo, one of the lounge’s bartenders, poked his head out of the doorway and smiled. “Good! I was beginning to think she wasn’t coming!”

Statzia stopped, her gaze flicking to the open doorway and the gentleman standing in it. “Is–everything alright, counselor?”

Theo chuckled softly. “You didn’t tell her, did you?” He stepped out into the hallway, shifting a duffle bag over his shoulder.

“Tell me what?” Statzia paused several steps from the doorway.

“Welcome home, Commander.” Theo grinned, extending a hand with a bottle of amber liquid. “I might have liberated this from the bar at the end of my shift. It’s the real stuff, not the synthehol.”

Statzia glanced to Millie, to Theo’s offered gift, and then to the open doorway behind them. “I–I don’t understand.”

Millie shifted off of the doorway, her smile widening. “Theo here has finally decided to move in with his partner. It’s about time, if you ask me.”

Theo rolled his eyes. “So maybe I wanted to take things slow!” He chuckled giving a shrug to Statzia. “I guess that means this place is yours now.” He gestured over his shoulder. “It’s not much, and sometimes the nacelle blocks the good views, but the neighbors are quiet, and it’s a cozy space. Good for just one, and maybe the occasional company.”

Millie took the bottle of liquor from Theo, extending it to Statzia. “I think these quarters will be much more suitable to your preferences. Theo’s quarters became available, and I made a request for the change with the quartermaster. It’s your room if you want it.”

Statzia took the proffered bottle, taking a couple of steps into the room. It was certainly cozy, with enough space for the bed, a table, a small desk, and a small sofa. “But these are civilian quarters.”

Millie followed a step behind Statzia. “Move is already approved. If you’d like help boxing up your belongings, I could get a few extra sets of hands to–”

Statzia shook her head. “It’s fine. I can pack things on my own.” She paused. “Thanks, counselor.”

Millie and Theo stepped into the hall, letting the door close behind them. Statzia walked to the viewport, and indeed the view was partially blocked by one of the nacelles. She lowered herself to the sofa, surveying the room. It was still bigger than a shuttle, but not so big that she felt she would fall into the open space.

Now, she just had to get used to sleeping in a bed.