Chapter 1 - Preparing for the Ball

2366, USS Carrington

It was early, but T’Preava had left herself some extra time to get ready for the party. The latter-half of her earlier shift was spent taking advice from patients. She was never used to dressing up for appearance’s sake, and many people had many things to tell her. From what different dresses to wear, why their colour needs to suit her; to the application of product to her face. After only a few changes of clothing she decided that perhaps she could use the holodeck, as glitchy as it was, to visualise outfits more effectively, but she knew she would need help.

She decided to meet with a colleague who she knew would be keen to aid her. The colleague was Nurse Adams, a small woman with a tendency to use her time in sickbay to exercise her skills of socialising with the crew, she was second-to-none when it came to personal advice. The nurse arrived at Holodeck 2 and chimed the door, knowing her Vulcan friend would not have waited to begin. The door opened and she was greeted with the dark walls of black. At the centre of the room was T’Preava, surrounded by several mirrors and currently wearing a dress that mimicked the official dress uniform. “No ma’am, you can get rid of that one immediately.” The nurse was quick to scold T’Preava as she walked in; pointing up and down the woman as if marking everything she thought to fix. “I don’t understand, I modelled this dress after the uniform designated for similar functions. I thought it would be a suitable point to start.. although I did foresee a disagreement.” T’Preava knew at heart her idea was not to be accepted, but it was the logical choice. “Yeah yeah, a disagreement is always foreseeable with you. That’s why I’m here, I know better than you about this, and we both know it.” T’Preava couldn’t help raise an eyebrow. “Computer. Remove current dress. What do you recommend Nurse Adams?” As she spoke, the computer complied. Her dress dematerialised and she was left with a grey, form-fitting undergarment. She turned away from the mirrors to face Adams awaiting a reply. She sighed, and blew up her cheeks. After a few seconds of silence she took control directly, “Computer. Reapply previous dress, but invert colour palette.” The dress rematerialised over T’Preava, now almost all pink, with a white shoulder-area. “You were right, it’s a start at least… now, computer. Remove the white; increase saturation on the pink, say by 10% or so; remove sleeve and shoulder areas; add cutouts to the torso side.” Processing all at once, the dress shifted in front of their eyes. “Interesting, I think I may be able to add to this. Computer. Lower the dress by 14 centimetres and add a 33 degree slant, and decrease saturation by 4%.” This surprised Adams, she smiled at the initiative taken. “Y’know, I think you have it down from here T’Preava. Just be sure to pick some nice shoes. Oh and I think a vibrant orange would be good for your eye shadow.” T’Preava hadn’t considered either of these aspects. “Won’t you be assisting me with those as well?” The Nurse began to walk away while answering. “I’m afraid not, I have to get ready myself you know. But I’ll see your results later on! You got this.” She smiled as she left the room, now filled with a sort of warm silence. “Computer, save this attire and replicate a copy in my quarters.”

T’Preava kept on working towards perfecting what she thought would be an optimal appearance, however, she felt pressured now, but she wasn’t sure why she felt like this. It wasn’t something she was accustomed to, and she did not appreciate it.