Chapter 6 - Meeting the Ship's Doctor (USS Tanjura)

Njessa reviewed the latest report from the Nelson, luckily the Tanjura seemed to have avoided several of the issues with that ship but still things to worry about, she made sure they were forwarded to Engineering and Operation with a read immediately flag.

A holographic reminder popped up.  Good news, thought Njessa with a smile, our Doctor has arrived.

She tapped the comm.  “Doctor Chase, this is Commander Ajzure, please report to the Captain’s ready room once you are settled in.”

Jordyn was just setting her bags down in her quarters and looked up as the computer chimed her communication. “Received,” she responded and then looked down at her cat. “Work never ends, does it Ty?” She asked but only received a dark stare back.

After she finished packing her clothes away and checking on the delivery of the rest of her personal affects, she changed into her uniform and made her way through the ship to the captain’s ready room. “Jordyn Chase, reporting in ma’am,” she stated on arrival.

Njessa looked up from a datapad and set it aside, giving the Doctor her full attention.  “Welcome aboard, Doctor Chase.  I hope you had a pleasant journey to join us.”

Jordyn drew in a hesitant breath and nodded. “Thank you ma’am, it was uneventful. There was some issues with the shuttle but the pilot handled the complications exemplary.”

“We are just getting ready to head out on our shakedown, so if there is anything you need to request for your department, please do so quickly,” the Andorian said.  “I apologize for the rush but we need to get into space and see how the ship functions.”

Nodding, the doctor’s eyes darted around as she thought quickly about some tasks she knew she wanted to complete but did not know what else might come up until she actually got into the sickbay and see what she was working with. “Understood. What kind of turnaround do I have to work with? I’ve not yet been able to see the sickbay since my arrival today and was intending to go there next. Depending on what I find, well, I don’t want to provide a window without being able to do a proper assessment of what I’m dealing with as of yet.”

“I appreciate that, our Chief Nurse Bowi Chyne, has been with the ship since Andoria,” said Njessa.  “Make use of her knowledge.  Our schedule to leave is twenty hours from now and I am loath to delay it further.”

“And forgive me, Doctor,” said Njessa standing and stepping over to the replicator.  “The stress of the last few days are weighing on me.  Can I get I get you something to drink?”

Jordyn gave the commander a smile and shook her head. “No, thank you. I am good. Is there anything of note that I should be aware of to be ensure that the sickbay is prepared for before we depart?”

“The majority of the crew are Andorian but two of the senior staff are Caitians and the we have a Kaferian in the science department,” says Njessa, getting herself some Andorian The.  “So you may wish to study up if you are not already well versed in such biologies.”  She returned to her chair.

“Do you have any questions or concerns, Doctor?” she asked.  “From the transfer document, I was unsure if you had asked for the post here or had been assigned to it.”

“I did not formally request assignment on Vesta, if that is what you are asking. I was happily willing to take most any assignment that Starfleet felt where I could be of most use,” Jordyn replied before pausing for a moment. “Although if they offered a position on Risa – I certainly would not have complained,” she added with a small smile.

Njessa nodded.  “I am afraid we cannot offer you the same level of luxury that a post on Risa would imply, I think you will be satisfied with what the Tanjura has to offer.”  She smiled.  “Thank you for your time, Doctor, I will leave you to get acquainted with your team.  And, again, welcome aboard.”

“Thank you ma’am, I look forward to working with everyone,” Jordyn nodded. “This should be an interesting voyage.”

“Indeed,” smiled Njessa.  “Dismissed, doctor.  Contact me if you need anything.”