Chapter 5 - Doctor and Nurse

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Head Nurse Bowi Chyne was running a simulation on an injured Caitian, with two of the senior staff of that species, it seemed a useful practice.  She was assisted by two holographic nurses which only seemed fair as the patient was a hologram too.  “The tendon was almost severed,” said Nurse One, “but we got to it on time, a threading of bio-kevlar and the tissue regeneration should have it repaired in days.”

“Good work all,” said Bowi, “store information and derez.”

“Affirmative,” said the holograms in unison and vanished.

Jordyn Chase walked into the sickbay, her new area of domain during her tour on the Tanjura, with a PADD in hand, reviewing information. She paused and took in the area before slowly making her way around and inspecting the different sections and specialties of the department.

Bowi looked over and nodded politely.  “Doctor Chase?  Welcome to the Tanjura.  I am Nurse Chyne.  I was just running through some emergency scenarios for practice, I have not worked with Caitians before so it seemed like a good use of time.”

The doctor nodded, smiling slightly. Hearing she would be having to deal with Caitians had her wondering if she might need to take some veterinary courses because she wasn’t quite familiar with the species herself. Knowing that she had a proactive team was reassuring. “Thank you,” she replied. “I look forward to working with everyone here. The CO has requested that we ensure everything is in order as quickly as possible so that we can set off,” she shared.

Bowi nodded.  “The Tanjura was fully stocked with non-replicatables needed for the Andorian crew before we left Andoria,” she reported, looking around for a particular datapad. Finally spying it, she grabbed it and offered it to the Doctor.   “This is the list I have so far for the current crew.  The one listed in green are on Station, the ones in amber in transit and expected before we leave, and the one in red, we will have to pick up after our first cruise.  Please add whatever I may have missed.”

Jordyn accepted the padd and glanced over the data briefly with a nod. “Thank you for this, it certainly helps. If there is anything you think that might be beneficial that we don’t have or isn’t required, please let me know within the hour so that I can review and make arrangements for a delivery if we have time before we depart,” she said. “I’d rather have things and not need them, than to need them and not have them later if it can be avoided. Just bear in mind any kind of storage restrictions that might be required.”

The nurse nodded.  “I hope that I have found everything required but with biologicals, sometimes it can be difficult.”  She smiled.  “Now, is there anything you need, Doctor?  I can only imagine being assigned as a CMO on a new ship is intimidating, is there anything we can do to make it less stressful for you?”

She started to walk towards the office area in the back as she paused to consider the question. “If you wouldn’t mind beginning to schedule crew members for their physicals, that would be wonderful. Just a couple each day depending on their shift rotations so that we don’t leave any department short handed.”

Bowi grabbed her datapad and made a note.  “That should not be too much trouble.  You might get some grumbles from the Andorians as they all had a complete physical before we shipped out from Andoria.”

Jordyn considered the nurse’s advisement. “I see. If their assessments were within the last 90 days, then put them up for last. However, any exam that was completed before then, they are to come in,” she amended the request. 

“Yes, Doctor,” nodded Bowi.  “Is there anything else I can do to help you settle in?”

Looking around again, Jordyn shook her head. “No, that is all for now. However – if it is just our team in here, please call me Jordyn. Please keep formalities when we have patients and senior staff present,” she smiled. 

“Yes, Jordyn,” said the nurse, “and please call me Bowi in the same circumstances.  I look forward to working with you.”