Chapter 3 - Captain's Log - Njessa Ajzure - USS Tanjura

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Isi, it is hard to know where even to begin, what was intended as a simple shakedown cruise has become an unplanned and unprepared for exploration deep in the Lohalian Sector.  If that was not difficult enough, the . . . effect that transported us here has compromised our dilithium crystals limiting our energy production and preventing us from achieving warp for the moment.

If I was superstitious, I would say this entire venture has been cursed.  But I am not and it is not.  The situation will be a challenge but it will not be an insurmountable one.  This will be an intense test of the Inquiry-class and my understaffed crew.  I have confidence in my crew but it will be a period of intense strain for us all.

Until we have a communication link, I will help Operations check the sensors, brooding about the situation and not helping would be a dereliction of duty.

Azure off.