Chapter 1 - Assessments

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Swiping his fingers over the console unlocking the primary controls, typing in his authorization code.  “Computer, disable alarms on deck 4” he sighed knowing that the ship was still in slight disarray from their jump.  “Security Squad Gama, report to Deck 4, complete investigation protocol 1” he ordered to the next security team that was reporting to duty.  The entire ship was called into action, due to the uncertainty of the situation.  It felt like a simulation from the Academy.  Closing his eyes for just a moment, he remembered feeling the anxiety and stress in those situations, that were not life and death … and now they were.  The safety and defense of the ship rested on his shoulders as well as his team.

“Security Squad Beta … to Ensign Williams” opening his eyes at the sound of the communication coming through “Williams here” he accessed their location on the screen, “Main Engineering is secure, I think that the team would prefer we relocate.” chuckling to himself knowing that the engineering crew would prefer that no one was in Main Engineering, to be in their way.  However, that was the heart of the ship without it, they would be lost.

“Understood, Pinley… I will coordinate with the Chief from here, remain in defense positions” he ordered and sent a quick note to the engineering team.  Although he was sure it would be lost in the millions or messages and reports coming in.  Tapping through the reports of his own team, the armory was locked down as well as teams position at each bridge entrance and medical.  He felt a little uneasy about how vulnerable they could be, but at the same time all of their backs were covered.

Jason let out a soft breath, “Tactical Team Alpha, any update on the forward sensors from the repair team?” he inquired.  “Another hour at least sir, we are attempting to bypass to give us at least a proximity warning” better than the initial assessment.

“Alert… door bypassed in Deck 2” Jason’s head turned to the panel accessing the internal sensors, “Security Team Alpha report to Deck 2 … Phasers set to Stun” he ordered, tapping to review the location of the bypassed door.  “Ensign Williams … Repair Team 4, apologies we triggered the alarm, bypassing a door lockout” the team reported.  “Understood, please report in ahead of attempting the bypass in the future” he offered.  “Security Team Alpha, stand down on phasers, complete wellness check on Repair Team 4” he rather be safe than sorry.

There was so many moving pieces and teams across the entire ship, this was more than the Academy simulations had prepared them for.  The focus was primarily your role in the sim and working as an entire team.  Not that aboard the ship they were not working as a team, but the entire department was counting on your own ability to navigate the competing priorities and messages being relayed from numerous voices throughout the ship.

With a few quick taps, he assembled the report on their current status, sending it to their Commanding Officer in order to be ahead of the next report that would be requested.