Chapter 10 - Nurse and Doctor

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“Doctor, are you here?” asked Nurse Chyne stepping into the main medical bay.  “I have those radiation scans you requested.”

Jordyn looked up from the crewmember she was treating and nodded. “Thank you,” she responded. “How are you and the team fairing?” she asked, curious as to how her people are managing since the repairs and clean up from their unexpected adventure. 

“Everyone is stressed and overworked,” replied the Andorian.  “But that is to be expected.  Once things calm down and people can get a good night’s sleep, harmony should be restored.”

Finishing up with the crewmember, Dr. Chase provided him with some instructions and made a quick note in his chart before letting him go. Turning back to her nurse, she let out a sigh and glanced around. “I think we have enough people in here to let one person take an hour, maybe two-hour break and rotate everyone out over the next day? We all need to be well rested if something else happens and I don’t think we can truly afford to make mistakes or lose anyone because we are overtired to be able to focus.”

“Agreed, Doctor,” said Chyne.  “As things calm, perhaps we could hand some of the routine tasks off to the medical holograms?  As you say, we need our rest as well.”

“Yes, utilize the EMHs, but I would like a minimum of two regular staff available as well. Rotate the rest as you feel would best,” Jordyn gratefully replied. “How is our replicator? Is it still down or did engineering send someone yet?”

Chyne checked the datapad.  “It has been looked at and is rated for ‘light use’ with a full repair scheduled for later today.”

A large smile filled Jordyn’s face. “Fantastic! We at least have coffee to survive the shifts!” she exclaimed. “Are you holding up well? If not, then schedule yourself to be one of the first for a break.”

Chyne’s antennae quirked in amusement.  “I, that is, we,” she gestured to the other medical staff, “insist that you take the first break, Doctor.  You have been working harder than any of us and we cannot afford to lose you either.”

Hesitating, Jordyn made a quick account of things that needed to be done and the amount of staff were in need of a break. “I appreciate it, I do. How about we send whoever was on duty at the time of the incident go for the first round. I promise you, I will take my turn during the second round of breaks,” she smiled at her colleague. I assure you that I am doing okay, and I am actually in a zone at the moment so I would like to try to get as much completed here before I do go.”

Chyne nodded.  “Then let us get to work, Doctor.  Where do you want to start?” she asked with a weary smile.