Chapter 48 - Season 4: Episode 1 "Convey SE-119"

New Potemkin- re built

MPow (Klingon Ship) Capt Akul –
The Klingons are looking forward to fighting pirates with us

We need more power to catch up to the convoy on the way to the array. 6 vessels, generic cargo ships. We jump to warp

No problems first day

Keeping a stable warp field is harder than normal. Requires continuous adjustments.

During the flight we test some of the Potemkins newer systems- new phaser array aside from the phaser banks. Deals one less damage but has spread and area. Phaser banks better for single target, arrays good for multi targeting.

Improved engine drives, power systems
Advanced shields
Ablative armor (ship resistance of 7)

As we drop from warp at destination, there’s a clearing. All around, a couple of light years out are navigational hazards ie pulsars and spacial anomalies. The convoy needs to travel at impulse out of this area.

The Klingon vessel (Kavort class) has suffered a major explosion near the engine room. Main power offline, shields dropping. Communication with the klingon ship can’t be established

We stop the convoy and take a type 9 shuttle over

The background radiation is spiking. But our shields hold up against it.

Met by klingon engineering team, escorted to the damage- big section of eng missing. Capt Akul is surveying the damage. Lots of swearing at the sabotage. Their impulse engines are completely gone. Some shielding trouble. We give them radiation treatment to protect against that, and decide to tow them along, getting back to warp again.

Tactical picks up a signal, 3 Orion ships approaching. We form up putting the potemkin between the Orions and the convoy and the immobile klingonship in the center of the convoy to defend them. Possible they can prepare boarding shuttles

Orion ships have heavy forward guns. They come in firing. Johnny fires back. It’s a mess for them. Basin polishes them off.

Elli and Johnny start hearing voices in their heads. It’s coincidental with a spacial rift that opens. But there are lots of spacial rifts in the shackleton expanse that open and close.

We examine the effect on the telepaths by tuning Johnny to pick up on it. We find a Psionic signature that matches the spatial anomaly that opened. There’s no voices, just the signature now. We set johnny and the ship to record if there are voices again.

Arrive at the array and the freighters unload cargo. Klingon ship docks with the station to enact repairs.