Chapter 54 - Season 4: Episode 7 "The Displaced"

The Admiral listens intently, then says, “There’s little time to lose. I’ve informed Starfleet Command of the situation here in the Expanse and they’ve agreed with me – the Romulans are up to something and we’re confident it’s a clear and present threat to this station and to the peace between us and the Klingon Empire. Klingon intelligence suggests that cloaked warbirds are pushing deeper into unaligned space outside their Neutral Zone in this direction. We’ve run out of time to either argue or confirm, so I’ve recalled the flotilla. General Kargan and I are putting the station and the entire sector on red alert. Come home as soon as possible for a council of war.”

“Captain’s log, supplemental. After a quick discussion with my fellow captains, we’ve agreed that Bellerophon will land on the planet to assist Assessor Tredik and gather what data and artifacts they can. We’ll move Venture into orbit of the Tilikaal planet and attempt to channel most of the destructive energies away from the planet for as long as possible. Thunderchild, meanwhile, will move to engage the Romulan warbirds to buy us all a little more time. Godspeed to all of us.”

We had been auto transported back to our station by the alien from last episode

There is now a war council at the station, Romulan troubles are arising

UFP ships and Klingon.

Klingons detected Romulans moving towards the Candidate III system of interest.

Tetryonic waves being detected out of CIII system, along with same burst energy from our last magical relocation out of the system. Admiral is concerned.

Pax is given a Fleet Captain role (may be called Commodore…. If you like. Which we probably never will but lol)

We head back to CIII with two other ships and drop out of warp. Potemkin auto jumps to read alert as we are pummeled by disturbances slamming into the ship.
Science scans detect a massive gravimetric field forming in high orbit above the planet of interest.

Distress msg. Help, I can’t transport down to save them! A massive planet comes through a portal and orbits the first one- it’s organ III from a past encounter.

Energy beams from organ III zap down ancient sites on the world.

Disabled cloaking devices.

There are 3 tasks we need to complete- choose from:

1- On the sensors, can see that the Romulan warbirds are on their way to the 3rd planet- must not be allowed to land troops on the planet

2- Can’t beam anyone from the surface, so to help assessor tedric, we must fly down to the planet. One of the other ships which can land, bellapharoon, will be doing this task

3- somehow delay organ III from slamming into the planet….. (lemurians are screwed, not enough time to move them)

Tetryonic waves blew out the romulan cloaking devices
Stone towers have been pulled through? Is there a way to reverse?

There are 3 hrs until the planets collide. The stone towers are flattened. We will be trying to limit the drop of the planet.

We can channel some of the energy to the ramscoops, but will be dangerous to the potemkin, need to evacuate the decks below that will be affected by high levels of radiation.

Configure the main deflector to deflect the energy away. We adjust the shield harmonics to prepare to channel the energies, then shore up the power grid- total preps take 20 mins.

To rejigger the main deflector, have to initiate the energy flow. Geoffrey pilots us into the heaviest energy waves and the shields begin to collect. The difficult task of adjusting the deflector to collect the over power in the shields takes a lot of effort. The potemkin is slowing the planet fall by diverting the energy of the fall, sending it off as a beam into deep space. Atlas is trying.

A science inquiry leads us to believe that we have bought another 20 mins of time for the ballaraphon to evacuate the dude below.

One of the relays on the potemkin blows out- and for a moment before other relays kick in, the energy beam faulters and a massive graviton wave hits potemkin and planet below. Damages the bellerophon’s shields. Potemkin is pushed into the burning atmo of the planet.

There is a focal point of energy, rapidly diminishing, which is coming from a monolith under organ III surface.

“Wherever you are, whether on the surface of the dying planet, or at your assigned station, or fighting off the last of the Romulan warbirds, you all see the following phenomena unfold before your eyes. The massive beam of energy that the Venture is pushing out through its navigation dish changes color and then freezes in place, then spins into a glittering swirl of prismatic light. Rips in space open up before you, spilling out every color of the rainbow in every possible direction, cycling through the spectrum into countless hues and shades you never thought could exist and which carry the scent of a hundred thousand species of flowers. The swirling vortices on the planet and aboard starships are approximately humanoid sized, while those appearing in space are large enough for even a Galaxy-class vessel to pass through. As you take in the spectacle, a feminine form appears within each vortex simultaneously, presenting the same message to each of you at the same time. As before, this is a tall humanoid alien, clad in a form-fitting dress with what appears to be wings on their back and a small, sweeping tiara atop their head. They have short dark hair and wide open eyes that are solid blue, with no evidence of an iris or pupil. As they take full shape within the shimmering light, they reach a hand out toward you, either in greeting or in supplication. “Friends, well met! I am Ash’Tamalia of the Displaced Tilikaal. My people and I need your help. We have been trapped for countless millennia in this broken dimension and we must escape!” The prismatic lights flicker, nearly go out, then surge back. The stress on Ash’Tamalia’s face is palpable as the light flickers, as if they are making some great effort to keep the vortices open. “We are out of time – we cannot further hold open the way. Take my hand…please!” They reach out their hand to each of you simultaneously, somehow being able to appear in multiple places at the same time. Even through the ship-sized portals, they reach out a massive glowing hand.”

The bellerophon manages to take off just as the planets begin their collision. There is an antimatter explosion at the edge of the CIII system. The thunderchild was destroyed. There is one remaining warbird- it leaves the system at warp. Everyone witnesses a massive beam of energy- vortexes form, and a message is given- tilakaal take shape in the vortexes. They reach through their vortex

“I am ash timalia. Our ppl need our help, trapped in a broken dimension.” Lights flicker. And appears she is trying to hold the portal open- reaches out with open hand.

The entire ship gets pulled through!