Chapter 55 - Season 4: Episode 8 “As many as Six Impossible Things”

Last week: a flotilla of ships headed back to the CIII system to match up with 4 romulan warbirds. We witness an entire planet appearing in orbit out of no where and is crashing inevitably into the CIII world. Thunderchild was destroyed in battle, holding back the Romulans. Potemkin used science to by more time from the planets colliding long enough to recover the Assessor on the planet below.

Tilakaal ask for help and reach out and pull our ship across a rift.

We start this week with 3 system breeches from the stress of being pulled through to an artificial created pocket universe.

Several of our telepathic or empathic sensitive crew members fall unconscious. There are voices overwhelming everyone’s head. Disorganised and noisy.

Ship is on fire. We make attempts at damage control.
As we run around trying to put out fires, we find many of them seem to resolve instantly

Tillakaal lady show up and says something about us being saviours and us almost slipping through her fingers.

There seem to be whole system failures happening, but aren’t really, and people start hallucinating, seeing friends and family who have passed away. People experience a variety of places, people walking through walls, non corporeal beings etc.

Something that seems to sparkle comes together on the bridge like a long slow transport.

Resolves- it’s a starfleet officer. Human. Wearing a 10+ yr old SF uniform. We don’t recognize him

“Time makes no sense here. It’s a mobius strip cut up and put back together randomly. I’ve been here forever there’s no physical reality. Tillakal have imagined us into little bubbles of reality. You just have to believe and then things come together. I saw the ship and then thought about beaming aboard so I did. Ash says the pocket universe is harming them, but may recover if they get back to their physical bodies. We have to get back before nothing is real anymore.”

We try to adjust the shields to protect from EM fields. Soon our own crew will have symptoms of radiation poison.

Elli having an emotional breakdown.

Senors show the EM fields affecting us are overlapping, blowing out eps conduits and blowing out isolinear chips, and causes equipment failures.

Modify a static warp bubble or modulate the fields to try to counter act.

Doc scans Pax, who as a joined trill is very affected by the EM fields. He’s not coming around. Geoffrey able to harmonize the shields, doc gives elli a stim shot to get her to focus. She works on the deflector dish and the warp field bubble setup. Geoffrey has to take the ship to warp while standing still.

Several of the warp coils fuse. Warp coils will burn out. Basically we’ve just bought ourselves some time.

Pax seems to look a little better as the Doc helps him.

ACTII- through the looking glass
We’ve stabilised the situation and we need to go back to finding the tillakaal and the lost officer.

We use the info on his reality bubble to track him- he’s everywhere and no where. Elli says we need to help him by giving him something to focus in on again. Doc suggests we tune in to his communicator through the differently aligned realities. Elli thinks happy thoughts and tries to tune into his communicator. The lost officer’s bubble resolves with ours and he becomes real in our reality bubble.

Doc tends to him. The officer is very psychologically unwell from his time. He doesn’t seem to have been exposed to as much radiation as we are being now. Seems to have been here a few hours, even though his uniform is from an earlier decade.

Officer’s name is Tolan- he doesn’t remember how he got lost in the reality bubble- his memory is very fragmented.

Our earlier scans of Ash while she communicated with us, showed that she was using an orb-like device to contact us. Computer has a frequency for the orb device. It’s not a standard frequency. It’s weird.

Elli cracks her knuckles and breaks out her computer skills and rolls 8 successes.

A blue light appears near the comm staton and becomes the Tilakaal, Ash, and the comms explode and a breach is suffered. Ash sees this all as a sign we’re going to help her.

Ash sees Geoffrey and hugs him.

“Two questions- where are the rest of your people and how do we get out of here?”

Scene 3- in the land of the tilakaal
Ash whisks us into an arid place, it’s painful for us to be there. Soundless dark descends until no one can see each other, then each character melts into a loney singular silent space, then suddenly the characters find themselves together in a dusty open plain with storms and lightening, difficult to breathe there. Thousands of tillakaal wander around infinite structures- some even walk through the crew members. We have no tricorders or phasers and our communicators don’t work
We are not sure if we are actually here or are hallucinating. We can touch and interact with the landscape, just not the people

Ash appears. Explains this place is a prison. They had tried to help other tilakaal and failed to heal them and were tricked into this prison many eons ago. Tried to get someone outside the prison to hear them, but it took too much effort and was often mistaken for an attack or a disease.

They miss their true physical experience.

They want us to recover their “idra” and find their physical bodies where they are preserved. Want to know the extent of our use of subspace, hyperspace and side spaces. What’s the biggest mass we have moved, the fastest warp we have achieved etc.

“You can’t harbour us on your ship- we are attuned to this physical universe and your transporters are not compatible with our energies. You need to find our transference machines and assessors to help operate them.”

We get transferred back to our ship- the return trip is not so painful.


Basin and Johnny don’t like the idea of releasing the prisoners. Elli tries to adjust the Xec drive navigation to link to a known preset location, to avoid being lost anywhere in the universe.

It’s going to be a crazy piloting test though. Geoffrey rolls 7 successes

But before we break loose, a male tilakaal speaks with us.

“Can I link with one of you here in order to connect between universes? To prevent the difficulty of speaking.”

Elli volunteers and is blue-ified.

A prismic vortex forms and the potemkin escapes the pocket universe.

We appear back in normal space. The transition blows out a number of systems. But we arrive back at the CIII system. For some reason

Scan the system- we determine that it’s only been seconds since we left. Bellerophon hails us. We head over to the remains of the thunderchild to collect survivors.

Geoffrey asks after the rescued assessor- but he’s not awake.