Chapter 1 - News Flash

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An alarm woke Ghas up from his deep sleep.  The screen at his desk blinked with the words, “News Flash, Firste One News”.  Upon seeing this, the Officer pushed off his bed and padded barefoot toward the computer screen.  Before he went to bed, he had set a search parameter for the computer to alert him should any more news about the attack at the Signing come across planetary info networks.

Sitting down he pressed play, and the instantly the scene looked gruesome.  At the bottom of the feed an interpreted headline read, “Explosions at Southern Border, 13 Dead dozens wounded.”  It was a video feed.  The reporter was standing at the rubble of what looked like a sentry tower.  Barbed wire, stone, and several lengths of twisted metal were piled behind her.

Pacing the rubble the reporter began, “Here at the Southern Border, rioters broke free from the barricades and began to attack the Government Security Forces.”  The screen switched to a clip of a large group of people rushing through gaps in a large wall as the reporter’s voice continued on,  “after two hours of fighting an explosion could be felt near the West Tower killing 13 Security Officers and injuring dozens more.”

Ghas watched in horror as the camera shook and went black.  It switched to a split screen, one with the reporter and another with an anchor behind a desk.  “Do the authorities know what sort of explosive was used,” the anchor asked.

The reporter shook her head, “No Vallik, but it has been suggested that this is the work of the Federationists who have, until recently, remained silent since the assassination of the President.  “They have denied such accusations.”

“Let’s hope that the culprits are discovered,” Vallik said.  The feed then switched to a puff piece about Air Travel Vouchers.

Ghas turned off his computer and swore under his breath.  “It’s in the fire now,” he said and sent a recording to the Captain.