Chapter 1 - Devin at Department Q

Department Q: Welcome to our.. location, I guess for lack of a better word.

Here we, the Q, use this location for Lifeform Investigation and Evaluation. Yeah we know it sounds like a snooze fest but really, we are a hub for many different ships in the multiverse.




Quinn, a Q attaché

Devin Neely – Incoming CO of the Harbinger

Commodore Phoenix Lalor – TFCO


Location – Department Q – Just act like it is a normal starbase 🙂




Quinn, attaché to Commodore Lalor, stood waiting as the shuttle landed in the vast shuttle bay. An incoming CO was on that shuttle.  She was holding a PADD and she watched the shuttle hatch open.


Devin stepped out of the shuttle, taking a look around him, he wasn’t all that familiar with this starbase, and he wanted to get his bearings. As he looked around, he spotted Quinn, and raised an eyebrow at her. “Are you waiting on me?”


“Lieutenant Commander,” the Redhaired woman said, stepping forward. “I am Lieutenant Quinn, attaché to Commodore Lalor. I am here to escort you to the Commodore’s office. Welcome to the Starbase”


Devin looked her over for a minute, slightly sceptical. “Uh…sure. I’ve never heard of this Starbase before. Is it really that new that it doesn’t have any scorch marks yet?”


Quinn smiled. “We have really good repair droids,” She said, turning and heading out of the shuttle bay. She led him down a corridor which had large windows showing a number of ships. 


She pointed them out idly as she walked. “The Elysium, old Odyssey class. The Atlantis, even older NX Class. Oh and there is a new one.” she motioned to the Forerunner class.


“What class is that?” Devin said, stopping to look at it. “It looks Vulcan. I thought the ring nacelles went out back in the 2200s.” He had heard passing remarks about the Forerunner class, but most of it was just rumours and speculation.


“The Forerunner class.” Quinn said as she continued walking. “Pretty new.” They were approaching the end of the corridor. “The Vulcans have had some good ideas.”


“Interesting. I’d love to check that out before I leave. It’s every CO’s dream, you know, to see the newest ship class before most others.” Devin smiled, “we’ve got a running tally of who’s seen more. I’m at the bottom of that list.”


Quinn smiled faintly and led him into a large waiting area. “We will see what we can arrange.” she said brightly and moved to the desk near a large door. She hit the comm. “Commodore, I have Lieutenant Commander Neely here as requested.”


[[Send him in]] Came a disembodied voice. 


Quinn turned to Devin and waved to the door. “Here” she handed him the PADD. “And go on in,”


Devin took the PADD, glancing at it briefly before heading into the room.


Inside the office, it was large but there was still a desk and chair facing the centre of the room, behind which was a large window showing a nearby nebular. The Commodore, a raven haired woman, stood to the left of the desk, a china tea cup in hand. She looked up as Devin entered. 


“Lieutenant Devin Neely reporting as ordered.” He said, taking in the room. He’d not been on a starbase in ages, so he wanted to take it all in before he got into the thick of things. “I don’t think I’m familiar with you.”


Commodore Lalor smiled faintly, her blue eyes focusing on him as she took a sip of tea. “No reason for you to be. I am not very public within the fleet. I prefer to work without the glare of holocams.Please have a seat Commander, would you like something to drink?”


“Coffee. Black, one sugar.” Devin said firmly. “Eh. After a while you get used to all the holocams. Especially the floating ones that are programmed to be quite annoying.” Devin said as he sat down.


Lalor moved to the replicator and the drink was already there, she picked it up and handed it over to Devin and then took her seat behind the desk. “So to business.” She began. “We have an open command Lieutenant Commander, and your name came to the top of the list.”


“Mine? Are you sure I don’t have some name twin walking around?” Devin said, taking a sip of his coffee. “I mean, I’m honored, trust me, but I didn’t think I was up for a command yet.”


“People disagree and frankly, being unsure often shows that you have what it takes more than those candidates that brag about their prowess.” Lalor replied. She pressed a button and an image appeared. “The USS Harbinger. Forerunner Class. First of it’s line.”


Devin choked on his coffee when he heard that. “Forerunner Class. You mean the ring ship? That it’s being given to me is a bit…unusual, isn’t it Commodore? Usually the first of the line ships are given to those with a bit more…experience.”


“While true in normal circumstances. This is not normal circumstances. We believe that the more commanders we get out into the space the better we will be. And she is a small ship. 7 decks.”


“I mean, it’s not exactly a secret we’re returning to exploration.” Devin said, being frank and up front. “It’s been all over the home screen of Federation News Network. Even beating out the latest borg attacks.”


“Exactly and the Harbinger will be at the forefront of that.” Lalor said with a smile.


“Well where exactly are we exploring? There’s not a lot of unexplored space so I’m not quite sure where we’d be exploring.” Devin sighed, “what about war recovery, why aren’t we working on that?”


“There are a number of vessels on that, and if the Federation is to survive, we need more members and what areas are left may have those needed members. “


“One of the big ones is the Saggitarius Expanse, near the center. But I’ve read the reports of ships caught in gravitational issues around those clusters. Did Starfleet finally fix that?”


Lalor shook her head. “No, but I am sure you will enjoy that.”


“Oh? As much as I enjoyed destroying the Romulan ships in the war?”


Lalor smiled at that. “Maybe not. So would you like to tour your new ship? It will be transported to Starbase 135 for you to begin getting your crew together.”


“Would I like to tour my new ship? Of course I would!”


Lalor put down her cup and hit the comm. “Quinn” was all she said.


The door opened and the Attache entered the room. “Commodore.”


“Please show the Lieutenant Commander to the Harbinger. Once his tour is done, have it sent to Starbase 135 for launch preparations.”


Quinn nodded. “Yes Ma’am.”


Devin followed Quinn out of the room, trying not to show his excitement. He couldn’t believe he was getting a first of the line ship.


Quinn walked down the hall speaking to him. “As you know, it’s brand new, Seven decks, Has the ability to separate and land on a planet.” she informed him. 


“Does it now? That sounds amazing.” Devin said, easily keeping up. “I don’t think ring nacelles have been a thing since…well, ever, in Starfleet.”


“Up for something new then?” she asked curiously. “Because it will help stabilise your ship’s warp core.”


“Stabilise the warp core…” Devin thought for a minute, before it dawned on him. “It’s a secret project, I’m sure, but does this have something to do with the rumours that the Javelin discovered something…interesting with the old anti-Romulan weapon?”


Quinn gave him a wide eyed look. “Now that would be telling” she said softly. 


Devin smiled, “rumours travel fast in Starfleet.”


“Oh of course they do” Quinn smirked now. She waved him to a transporter padd. “Here you are Commander, we will beam you over shortly.”


“Thank you.” Devin said, stepping onto the padd.


Quinn smiled and beamed him over to the Harbinger to commence his tour.