Chapter 2 - Season 5: Episode 2 - The Big Three

Season 5: Episode 2 TBR066 – The Big Three


Having spent the time to prepare, gather data on the Necrit Expanse they cross the boundary and enter the nebula. As expected, the ships navigational sensors were hindered by the general composition of the Necrit Expanse. However, with several tweaks to the sensors and the star charts they were able to plot a route through the expanse that would avoid any major dangers or conflict zones.

 Several hours after crossing the border their sensors pick up strange, yet somehow familiar gravimetric readings. With their interactions with the Tilikaal the bridge crew quickly discern that there is likely there is a Tilikaal structure on the surface of the M class.

Entering orbit, they conduct a full sensor sweep of the world and discover expansive ruins and a ziggurat like structure below the surface. While too small for a shuttle one of their utility drones would easily fit and could seed transporter relays through the tunnel which would allow them to transport directly into the newly discovered cavern that the ziggurat resides in.

Arriving in the cavern they are surprised at the sheer scale, seeing it on sensors is one thing, seeing it in person makes it so much more real. The entire cavern seems to have been carved with intent, the ziggurat looks to have been carved also. Seems to be as there are no tool marks, the age impossible to tell as it was carved from the bedrock and is eons old. The ziggurat is of Mesopotamian origin which would make it 5000 years old. Of course, this raised tonne of other questions, such as how did this structure end up here so far from Earth? Once inside they are ‘measured’ by a number of security systems that allow them to pass through force fields and locked doors, and there are only three floors!

Once the away team reached the top of the building the entire room glowed blue, apparently the source of the gravimetric readings. They find an energy source on the bottom floor of the building and decide to investigate.

Descending down they discover what appears to be an open plan living space, a central column, an obelisk that draw Elli and Simora to it. As they approach an alien looking console appears, as though cloaked. Some data can be accessed, the building is trying to call ‘Ancient Guardians’, while no other data can be found on who they might be, it does describe the Tilikaal as an ancient evil and the Iconians as Sky Gods. As interesting as this is it is just a part of the puzzle and they move on.

The floor below was filled with thousands of Tilikaal stasis tubes, all containing a Tilikaal in suspended animation. Energy conduits running through the floor and walls pulsed, consciousness of the Tilikaal came and went with the pulsing of energy and the strength of the apparent signal. Another part, but more to investigate.

The Lower level was dominated by a shielded reactor, rapid lightning flash from floor to roof. Generatoring, so how much energy to power the Potemkin even while at high warp. A console at the foot of the stairs, protected from the reactor by a force field provides more questions than answers. A Protectorate console, with what they quickly realize is Protectorate writing. Knowing the complexity that they are facing, Elli hooks up her FTL computer and interfaces it with the console. Brute forcing a way into through the security protocols and gaining access. A choice was made and after a few moments Elli shut down the reactor, or at least placed it on low power levels.

As the reactor shuts down a small device appears on top of the console. Simora reaches out and takes it, gaining an insight of its use, it is a Protectorate translation device about the size of a comm badge. The Ziggurat seals itself up as they leave and later as they exit the tunnel to the cavern the rock seems to flow to close up the entrance and the tunnel. They had clearly found another Tilikaal sleeper planet, it was likely that there were more of those stasis rooms but they were all now sealed!