Species Physiology

Aenar bear a close resemblance to their blue-skinned cousins, the Andorians but are differentiated by their white skin grooved antennae which are instrumental in allowing the Aenar to be telepathic, even telekinetic in some cases. Aenar and Andorians are able to have children together, whom have a greenish skin tone; these children are generally telepathic, however will most likely not be telekinetic. Their antennae are key to these abilities and losing an antennae is a humiliating and disorienting experience since it becomes difficult for them to function. Their blood is blue and nonviscous, causing bruises to appear as blue patches upon their pallid skin and they have an exoskeleton on their limbs and torso, except in the abdominal area for females due to the needs of growing children. Twins are not uncommon, though three or more are rare.

The antennae are essential to their telepathy and are used for multiple purposes such as balance and also a form of vision. Aenar are naturally blind and those who choose not to have eye surgery use a form of sonar to find their way through the world. Those who do choose the surgery can tell how far away an object is or its approximate density yet can be fooled by a sophisticated hologram. Third, is auditory to help pick up sounds outside the hearing range of most species. When an Aenar is paying attention to something, it is quite normal that the Aenar will have their head tilted down and towards the object of their focus. If an antenna was cut off they become disabled in the short term but could adjust within 24 hours. Antennae take up to nine months to regrow, though electrical stimulation and cranial massage therapy could cut regeneration time in half.

Aenar are especially vulnerable to phase pulse infection as they have a very high metabolic rate; even minor phase injuries can prove fatal. Aenar also prefer the cold and unlike their Andorian cousins are unable to tolerate temperatures above 18 Celsius (80 Farenheit).

Aenar blood is a bright blue, and so a bruise appears as a light blue patch on the skin. Since Aenar physiology makes intravenous injection impossible, physicians administer medication through intramuscular injection instead.

Aenar are suseptible to Andorian diseases such as Andorian shingles yet have diseases of their own, the majority of them neurological.


Aenar are ruled by the Andorian Imperial Council, however their own cities do not have a leader, rather vote for a de facto leader as the need arises. They are pacifists by nature and deplore violence. However, a few Aenar have come to realize that the use of violence is sometimes a necessary evil, such as in the Dominion War. Besides their religion, children are the most important thing to the heart of an Aenar.

Courtship begins when a young woman’s mother is approached by the father of the young man who wishes to court her. What transpires between them is unknown as the Aenar refuse to say. The marriage is not necessarily the same as Andorians though they can marry of groups of four. Rather, that is the limit for spouses as everyone in the bondgroup is married to everyone else and therefore must fall in love with them. Gender has no bearing on these groups and can be of any combination.


Aenar worship a deity called Uzaveh the Infinite and cherish children, believing they are a gift from Uzaveh


Brief Canon History

Ancient History

The Aenar race has always been quite peaceful when compared with their Andorian cousins. A few thousand years ago, the Aenar people lived with the Andorians, but soon grew tired of the violence among the Andorian clans and decided to leave for their own place on the planet. There was one place where the Andorians dared not to go and that was the northern part of the planet closer to the polar ice caps. It was here that the Aenar lived for 2000 years until they faded into myth and legend. It was here that the Aenar were finally able to fully realize their nonviolent lifestyle and become closer to their deity, Uzaveh the Infinite through the means of peacekeeping among themselves. Those who defused arguments so everyone was satisfied were held in high regard while those who abdicated violence were frowned upon.

This environment was not conducive to violent crimes, yet crimes were still committed such as theft however the Aenar’s telepathy allowed them to eventually overcome this and stop it before it began. Soon, a new system of law began to form and most, if not all, crimes were ceased. The first time a violent crime was committed was in the 1950s (Earth calendar) when a young man mind raped several women. This behavior was so foreign to the Aenar that they almost didn’t know how to process the thought of it. Once they realized that it was indeed happening, their anger was roused, making them seem much more like their blue-skinned cousins. They found the young man and though several wanted to kill him on the spot, the council voted to send him above ground and let him try to make his way to the nearest Andorian village. He did not arrive, however the Andorians found his body preserved in the ice and began to wonder if the legends about the Aenar were true.

Recent history

The Aenar had very few problems with perpetrators of violent crimes but when they did they sent them above in the freezing cold. This was how the Andorians came to find the bodies in the ice at different times. It was not that they were not looking in the right places but that the bodies were not there until someone had committed a crime against someone else. Then, in 2104, the Andorians found the home of the Aenar. Contact was not smooth as the peaceful Aenar found several Andorians to have the same mindset as the criminals that had been sent above which caused distrust among many of the Aenar. Eventually the Aenar began to trust the more volatile Andorians and started to live in peace together eventually intermarrying and starting families. By the time Humans had met the Aenar, they were still a separate yet important part of the Andorian Empire.

During the volatile 2200s the Aenar stayed on Andoria, rarely venturing out beyond their home system and concentrating on making it and the Federation as a whole a better place to live. This was when some of their young people began to grow restless and wanted to see the stars or anything. They decided to have VISORs put over their eyes to allow them to see, eventually using optical implants. This began a new era for the Aenar and Andorians in which the Aenar began to study art and founded the Andorian Art Institute which eventually became one of the most renowned art schools in the Federation. Young Aenar eventually wanted to see more of the galaxy than just the icy wastes that were their home and began to join Starfleet. At first, less than 10 Aenar were in Starfleet, eventually growing to around 200 by the time of the Dominion War. The Aenar science officers were an important influence in the Battle of Betazed, aiding the Betazoids in driving the Jem’Hadar insane. After the war, more Aenar began to see the wisdom of fighting to defend their home, joining their Andorian cousins in the security and tactical departments. They still did not enjoy violence, but accepted that it was a necessary evil. This caused a few, but not many Aenar to become protectors such as Starfleet security, planetary police, or some other area of defense while most Aenar still prefer art, science or other areas of intellect.

Key Facts

Facts Table
Home Planet:Andor
UFP Status:Member
Species Notes:Telepathic, Blind