The Avalon Institute is an educational facility in the Scottish highlands. The nearest town is New Cresthill, and it’s around a two hour drive from Inverness. The locals, however, don’t make use of this educational institute since it’s geared towards the education and development of individuals with special abilities.

The head teacher of the institute is Claire Cavendish, an independently wealthy individual that is known for pro-mutant political views, and who has supported efforts in the past through both financial and physical support. Records show there’s an additional affluent anonymous donor, as well as several other smaller donations from parents of attending students. Avalon Institute is not currently subsidised by local or national government funds.


The institute is situated in one of Scotland’s many medieval castles. It’s only reachable by the main bridge leading up to the main gate. Beyond the main gate lays a broad courtyard that allows access to the central building directly. Making your way around the central building gets you to what used to be the stables. This has been converted into a machine shop and used in the upkeep of different staff vehicles as well as an educational facility to teach attending students automotive maintenance.

The central building houses most of the class rooms as well as a central dining hall, the administrative offices and an auditorium. A smaller building that was once separate now connects to the central building and is often referred to as the east wing, it houses the library as well as the teacher’s lounge and several teacher’s rooms (as room and board is provided for all staff and faculty).

A final additional building, referred to as the student dorms, is connected to both of these buildings, with a small courtyard in the middle of the three. The student dorms are separated into three, according to the traditional Houses.


Avalon’s castle has been the home to Scottish nobles for most of its long history, stretching back to at least the 1400’s.