About the Qoird

An introduction to the Qoird would be incomplete without addressing its homonym in Federation Standard, chord. Like the musical concept, the Qoird are a spacefaring nation that seeks harmony and prizes the whole much more than individuals. Unlike many galactic powers, the Qoird do not seek to control territory or paint lines upon an interstellar map.  Indeed, the concept of territory defined as some region of space appears to be foreign to them. They care little for sentiment or ego, and far more for the aesthetic, intellectual, or diversity that its eclectic stellar claims provide it.

They refer to their collective as a ‘Chorus’, but it is as yet undetermined whether the Qoird is a singular species with vassals and auxiliary species, or a hegemony comprised of multiple member races. The species we know as the Qoird is a non-humanoid that closely resembles an oceangoing cephalopod native to many Federation worlds, especially Earth squids or octopus. Its body has a rounded shell of some kind, which may be made of a keratin-like substance or tough skin. It has a ‘face’ of many eyes arranged in a triad pattern and a beak underneath, which does not appear to be utilized in communication. Small tentacles ring its beak, ever-waving and grasping for something, while larger tentacles which appear to be limbs have small suckers underneath for grabbing and holding. The skin on its shell and tentacles is multicolored and these colors may shift to display patterns or representations of real objects, and there are small openings on the tentacles which facilitate communication. Its native environment primarily contains liquid methane, and there is speculation that the species utilizes pheromones or the release of certain chemicals in order to control its vessels as there are no visible control surfaces in current visual records.

The Qoird, in many ways, appear to operate as an antithesis of the Federation. They do not appear to understand exploration of territory or the measure of respect the Federation reserves for its members and non-member species to determine their own futures in its Prime Directive. Indeed, the Qoird appeared to be appalled at the notion of withholding, even forbidding, nurture and guidance could that help a species survive and rise to join the galactic community. Their own ethics view providing subtle guidance to shift a society to readiness for uplift into harmony with their ‘Chorus’ as a moral good, and perhaps even a moral imperative. Their community consists of largely disconnected pockets, sometimes as small as a single world or system, which have been chosen for its aesthetic or cultural worth to the Qoird. When the Qoird choose a new candidate world to incorporate, they do so at any cost, heedless of the world’s location, surroundings, or the level of development of any native sentient species. When a species is chosen to incorporate, the Qoird apply a similar approach with a patience of eons, even willing to uplift a pre-warp species it has determined should join its ranks. The Qoird will protect, aggressively and violently if necessary, its chosen protectorates and claimed worlds.

The Qoird prize consensus and harmony in its decisions, and while discord is known to exist it appears to be quickly addressed by the larger whole. It can be largely assumed, thus, that an encounter with a singular Qoird representative or vessel may reflect the intentions of the Qoird as a whole, and likewise any dealings with the Qoird must be undertaken carefully to present a positive reflection of the Federation. Thus far, the Qoird have not been interested in an open dialogue with the Federation, choosing, for instance, to state their claims upon worlds or systems only when violated. Caution and patience is urged while dealing with the Qoird, direct communication is rare and should generally be undertaken only with the advice and aid of the Federation Diplomatic Corps.

Key Facts

Planet of OriginUnknown
Warp CapableYes
Distinctive FeaturesTentacles,
Three Eyes
Author/ CreditsCrew of USS Vesta