The T’Lara uth-Clan Heritage Perpetuation Troupe, commonly referred to as simply the T’Lara Troupe, is a semi-nomadic collaborative community of historians, actors, singers, acrobats, poets, linguists, and performers of all stripes. Members are all part of the T’Lara uth-clan (or over-clan), either by blood or by adoption. The dual public functions of the Troupe are entertainment, and the preservation of and education about ancient Caitian history and culture. It is rumored that certain parts of the Troupe are involved in anything from espionage to smuggling to far more esoteric illicit activities. But large groups of iconoclastic outliers always face such rumors and suspicions.


A large part of the Troupe’s performative style focuses on acrobatics and physical combat styles, with an emphasis on the cultural aspects and connections of those styles. In this way it is similar to the Peking Opera of ancient Terra.


Many of the most popular legends re-enacted by the Troupe center around the White Cat. According to various tales, the White Cat was a deity, a spirit, or an ancient hero. The Troupe portrays each tale equally.


The T’Lara Troupe’s usual route circles the northern grasslands, touching on major cities and small settlements alike. They also venture a distance into some of the jungle areas to reach more isolated outposts. They were warmly welcomed there from the beginning, and formed strong connections with the normally secretive folk of the jungles. In this way, they serve as a bridge between the jungle and grasslands, a function that continues even in the face of modern communications technology.