Starships of Task Force 72


Active Postings

Active postings represent a fully present game, currently operated by a Game Master and players/


USS Vesta – Vesta-class

USS Athena – Prometheus-class

USS Mercutio – Akira-class

USS Hiroshima-A – Vesta-class

USS Hou Yi – Reliant-class


Esquimalt Station

Obsidian Command

Reserve (NPC) Vessels

Reserve vessels are meant to create a cohesive storytelling element for the Task Force. These are regular NPC ships within the TF that will make appearances. Further, should you be looking for a class of ship to move to, these will be the ships give priority to be assigned to new Commanding Officers and those looking to move ships.

Training Vessels

  • USS Oakland – California-class | Task Force 72 Command training vessel & Supply ship
  • USS Stockton – California-class | Task Force 72 Command training vessel & Supply ship
  • USS Fresno – California-class | Task Force 72 Command training vessel & Supply ship

Intelligence & Anti-Piracy Vessels

  • USS Caelian – Vesta Class [Reserve]
  • USS Boyd – Pathfinder Class [Reserve]
  • USS Zelle – Pathfinder Class [Reserve]
  • USS de Baissac – Pathfinder Class [Reserve]
  • USS Alouette – Pathfinder-class
  • USS Shukar – Pathfidner-class
  • USS (Mary)Jackson – Sutherland-class
  • USS Vaughan – Sutherland-class
  • USS Kepler – Sagan-class

Patrol Vessels

  • USS Hastings – Eschelon-class
  • USS Passchendaele – Eschelon-class
  • USS Somme – Eschelon-class
  • USS Cadenza – Edison-class
  • USS Aria – Edison-class
  • USS Payette – Gagarin-class
  • USS Hadfield – Gagarin-class
  • USS Aldrin – Gagarin-class
  • USS Osaka – Alita-class
  • USS Ishikawa – Alita-class
  • USS Thorne – Sagan-class

Logistics and Support Vessels

  • USS Lovelace – Ross-class
  • USS Ayrton – Ross-class
  • USS Minerva – Ross-class
  • USS Calgary – Parliament-class
  • USS Halifax – Parliament-class
  • USS Victoria – Parliament-class
  • USS Orphic – Excelsior-II-class
  • USS Brava – Excelsior-II-class
  • USS Eureka – Excelsior-II-class
  • USS Gwydion – Reliant-class

Rapid Response & Humanitarian Vessels

  • USS Trumbull – Duderstadt-class
  • USS Sarajevo – Duderstadt-class
  • USS P’Jem – Constitution-III-class
  • USS Qui’Tu – Constitution-III-class
  • USS Kangding – Constitution-III-class
  • USS Marco Polo – Curiosity-class
  • USS Pike – Curiosity-class
  • USS Drake – Inquiry-class
  • USS Nelson – Inquiry-class

Roles in the Task Force

When vessels are assigned to Task Force 72, they will be moved between the three squadrons of the TF as needed. While the squadrons themselves are defined, the needs of those squadrons will shift through time. As such a ship operating in Squadron A today, could find herself reassigned to Squadron C tomorrow. Intended Operations within each Squadron are listed below.

Squadron A

Patrol & Anti-Piracy

Squadron A is Task Force 72’s primary patrol and anti-piracy response group. Tasked with keeping watch on the borders of the Federation, it primarily focuses on ensuring the general safety of the citizens of the Federation. Ships in this Squadron can be expected to respond in force.

Squadron B

Rapid Response

In opposition to the Squadron A operation, Squadron B are the ships that are left to respond to a developing situation rapidly. These are usually faster ships, intended for short operations. This can be developing conflicts, or the outbreak of a humanitarian crisis along Federation borders.

Squadron C

Logistics and Supply

The backbone of any operation is the ability to deliver goods and resources to a location quickly and effectively. If Squadron B arrives quickly, then Squadron C is the next to arrive, with all of the supplies, personnel, and equipment needed to maintain the operation as long as possible.

Special Operations Units


A SFMC-Starfleet Joint Operations Task Force (JTF) within TF72. Tasked with supply an amphibious Marine force in support of operations across the operational area of Task Force 72. Marine operated ships are designated with the MAV instead of USS and use a different numbering system. They are also fitted to support Marine landings specifically.

Stafleet Vessels

  • USS Augustus – Ascension-class (Flagship | Commodore Eryna Velan)
  • USS Curie – Merian-class
  • USS Newton – Merian-class
  • USS Feynman – Merian-class
  • USS April – Pathfinder-class
  • USS Shelby – Pathfinder-class

SFMC Vessels

  • MAV-203 “Adventure” – Alita-class (Flagship | Major General Markus Klans)
  • MAV-227 “Resolute” – Alita-class
  • MAV-211 “Steadfast” – Alita-class

Paladin Squadron

Under direct command of Commodore Kane (USS Athena)

  • USS Spartan – Saber Class (Lt Commander Thy’lissa Shan)
  • USS Valiant – Defiant Class (Lt Commander Krol)
  • USS Vanguard – Defiant Class (Lt Commander Drake Wescott)
  • USS Edison – Sutherland Class (Commander Amaya Lance)
  • USS Aurora – Sovereign Class (Captain John Scott XIV)
  • USS Spruance – Inquiry Class (Commander Oya Lorrell)