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Star Trek – Prime Timeline
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Play-by-Web (Nova)

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Language: “Swearing and mature language permitted with some limits
Sexual Content: Mild innuendo and references permitted
Violence: Violence is permitted with some limits

Welcome to the USS Vesta, one of the most advanced ships in Starfleet and the start of a new class of starship designed specifically for the use of the Quantum Slipstream Drive. With an advanced aerodynamic design to reduce her subspace drag to an absolute minimum, even without her Slipstream drive, the Vesta is the fastest ship in the fleet. With a new advent for exploration and a need for ships to go farther than ever before, the ability for the Vesta to cross regions of space faster than any ship before her makes her a prime Explorer for deep space exploration.

Tracing her roots back to the original Faster-Than-Warp project of the Transwarp Drive on the USS Excelsior, the Vesta and her Quantum Slipstream Drive come from the constant pursuit of the Federation, and by extension Starfleet, to make use of the newest, most advanced technology to reach out beyond what is known and into the vast unknown.

With her advanced new propulsion drive however, comes a lot of risk. Many of the other powers within the Alpha and Beta quadrant would go to any lengths to get their hands on the Quantum Slipstream Drive. This has brought a shift in power to the region, one that hasn’t been seen since the advent of cloaking technology over two centuries ago.

While not the first voyage of the USS Vesta, she has been a several year long project under the careful eye of the Obsidian Fleet executives, to bring what many considered a failed project to new life. Over the last few years, the Vesta has spent time in dry dock, spending it under heavy testing and retrofitting to bring the latest version of the QSD. Finally ready for relaunch, the Obsidian Fleet has green lit launch.

So if you look to go where no man has gone before, explore new regions of space and don’t mind fixing the occasional glitch within the ships advanced, mostly experimental systems, look no further. The Vesta offers men, women and children from all walks of life, a home. A place to hang their jacket above the hearth at the end of the day and to always have a family.

Crew Manifest - USS Vesta

Commanding Officer
Executive Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Intelligence Officer
Head of Diplomatic Department
Marine Commanding Officer

Game Updates

January 2023 | A stellar month

Mission Wrap Up

Our crew wrapped up our previous mission, “Between Realities”. We saw the crew safely resestablish themselves in the correct timeline, and return home to Esquimalt Station, a little worse for wear. With the ship due for a complete overhaul, and the crew ready to relax, they have temporarily been transfered to Esquimalt to get the due rest they need.

Esquimalt Shenanigans

Canonically, Esquimalt is a station built just prior to the Dominion War, and then abandoned following a substantial Dominion attack. She was recently refitted and rebuilt to be the headquarters of Task Force 72. Unfortunately, while he Starfleet capacity is fully operational, her civilian and shoreleave capacity is… “coming soon” This has left the crew a bit bored, looking for ways to get into trouble. Luckily the apparently stern Commanding Officer of the Task Force 72 saw fit to make sure there was appropriate supervision.

Lastly, as Yoshi Minawara formally takes over as the Task Force Commanding Officer, Vesta need a new Captain. Her former Executive Officer is stepping up to fill those shoes, and will be taking the reigns of the Commanding Officer role. During this time, he’ll need to find someone to be his Executive Officer, so we’ll be waiting to see who takes that spot.

Lastly, since the Vesta will be under repair, her crew will be taking command temporarily of another vessel, the USS Nelson, a brand new Inquiry-Class needing her space trials completed before her crew takes over. Stay tuned for our next mission for more information on that.

Crew Changes

Briefly we had a new crew member, who wrote with us and a firey passion, but unfortunately is needing to follow a different path. We wish them luck in their journey.

We are overdue for a long list of promotions and awards, which the Command Crew will have to look to double down on and get pushed out. Expect those updates next month.

2023-01-31 00:00
April 2023 | New Adventures


As the months turn and burn, the crew of the Vesta move on!

Shakedown, Shake Up

With Captain Darrow taking command of the Vesta as her new Commanding Officer, they await repairs to the Vesta herself. While they wait, a few promotions have happened, and the crew of the Vesta has been tasked with performing a shake down of the Inquiry class USS Nelson.

This will officially kick off the next mission, “Shakedown, Shake Up”. If you’re looking to join at a point of refresh for the crew, now is your chance!


2023-04-01 00:00
The Summer of 23' | Small Changes and Objectives

This summer for the Vesta was a bit of a slow one, with a chugging progress being made on a few mission lines. We have made progress on exploring the oddities of the designs behind the Inquiry class we are breaking in, the USS Nelson. Alongside that, we have had a kidnapping, followed by a bit of a diplomatic incident, involving one of the children who normally reside on the Vesta. So, with the Nelson limping along, and the Vesta herself still undergoing repairs, we are relying on the strength of Esquimalt’s nearby ships to aid.

2023-09-16 00:00